Charlie Sheen: New Charity, New Show?

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At a tour stop in Washington Tuesday night, Charlie Sheen said he was high during all eight years he starred on Two and a Half Men. Considering the source, though, that's hardly shocking news.

But the actor, who is clearly NOT headed back to Two and a Half Men, also claimed he had a new show in the works, one he would only describe as "epic." It might be tough to top his online series, however.

Hey, Charlie!

In other, more admirable Sheen news, he touched down in Alabama this week to assess the damage left in that region by a recent tornado. Tweeted the actor: "I'm in Tuscaloosa. it's beyond words."

To his credit (yes, we just wrote that about Charlie Sheen), the star has launched a Torpedoes Against Tornados website to raise money for victims of the natural disaster. The move follows recent charitable endeavors that include contributions to help a bipolar-awareness group in Canada and assisting the family of a beaten San Francisco Giants fan.



hes a great man with a lot of talent more than anyone here im sure he just got caught up in his character so go to hell you talentless losers how many people are following you on facebook or fuckin twitter think about it he wil be back stay tuned bitches


who the fuck r u "a legend in his own mind" what the fuck is this when was the last time you watched platoon or men at work or fuckin comedy central on asunday die bitch what the fuck have you done with your god damn life you fuckin asshole


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everyone needs to relax he absolutly was the show this character was him in real life how can you penalize someone for being his character all the writers had to do was ask him what he did last week and you got a show so lay of you jealous unforgiving brainless uneducated fools he will be back and better than ever dont forget that i said this the show is over it wont make it past the first season deuces you efin a-holes _,!,,


Washed up has been. The only charity case here is Charlie Sheen and his pathetic cross-country Denial Tour 2011. He's become nothing more than a sad punchline. Hey Charlie, get some help, get some meds and, in the meantime, get lost!


From a rhetorical perspective: "why give your hard earned money to give to the people of Alabama (or anything else for that matter? Give the money directly like any intelligent individual would do. No buffer between the needy and the money means more money gets to those who need it most! Another interesting fact: Sheeny always made a big deal out of the fact that he didn't shoot his 1st wife (or whatever). But something remains a mystery. All modern firearms have what is known as a "transfer-Bar" that prevents them for going off if dropped. No one thought to ask the tough questions and accepted the classic story: "she dropped it and it went off". The rarity of that occurring is so great that any investigation would concentrate on that before anything else......But then, Sheen compromised in his plea to that charge, didn't he?


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