An Evening With Charlie Sheen: Heading Overseas!

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The Violent Torpedo Of Truth tour is out. An Evening With Charlie Sheen is possibly in.

During a radio interview with a Sydney station, the actor told host Scott Dooley he was planning to revamp his show a bit and take it overseas.

Charlie Sheen on Tour

“Why don’t I take this thing on the road to Australia, parts of Europe, parts of Asia. If I pick out six cities over two weeks and if it wasn’t about violent torpedoes and truth seeking but more about an evening with Charlie Sheen, if I told people what to expect maybe they wouldn’t heckle me like the drunk clowns that they are, ” Sheen said.

The man really knows how to woo an audience, doesn't he?

Responding to criticism over his domestic tour, Sheen said it was "overbooked and it went on too long," adding:

"It wasn’t a question of my fatigue factor, but I had to keep digging a little deeper each night in the new cities to remind myself that it was new for them."

Now "relieved" to be done with it, Sheen concluded the discussion with a jab at Americans: “It would seem like the European mentalities would give me a little more time and a little more patience to actually listen and embrace a format like that, where they come in knowing what to expect."

To his credit, however, the star said all proceeds from any upcoming shows would go to his Torpedoes Against Tornados Foundation.


Luv charlie. He's real!!!!!!!!!


Yes, Charlie, please take your batshit act overseas, way overseas. Go back to Mars and this time stay there.


Oh my, I doubt many people would want to spend "An Evening With Charlie Sheen". He has nothing to offer that is worth paying for. He could talk about his favorite subject- himself- but no one wants to pay for that. He is nowhere near as special and important as he thinks he is. Kinda too bad though, he really could have been so much more, he is talented, but he never would confront his own demons and get past them. He pretended too but never did. His downward spiral is his own fault.


Delusions of grandeur! Here in Africa he would be laughed off as a freak! What an Idiot!


Go charlie! Your winning and I'm cheering 4 u

Avatar and Lindsey Lohan. What a drunk/drug combo. Love it. I can't wait for the final chapter. I will see your body wheeled out. I can't wait. Looking forward to your last chapter. Looser


Charlie, you did a great job at BankAtlantic Center in Ft. Lauderdale. I went in expecting the worst and my 2 guests and I enjoyed 4th row almost Center Stage tickets to what may have been your best show. The Roast was the best part, and you should consider opening yourself up to a world-wide roast. It's ok, they'll say horrible things (I don't know what could be worse than already said lol) but you did well in Ft. Lauderdale and you'll do well on the world stage. You're not the 'meltdown' that Lohan and company are. Oh, and keep those Hilton Sisters clean when you're traveling abroad, ok?


I can only HOPE he's got a ONE WAY ticket!


I almost feel bad for him. He maybe 45 years old but he looks like he's in his 60s. He looks like he has one foot in the grave. And to think, he had it all at one time not too long ago!


good, he'll get jailed for possession


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