Tinglan Hong: Dating Hugh Grant, Maybe Pregnant

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Hugh Grant has a new woman in his life, and recent photos of the couple show that the relationship may not be the only thing he's keeping a secret.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Grant has been on a series of dates with his rumored new Chinese girlfriend Tinglan Hong, who's looking pregnant.

Of course, the swollen belly she supposedly shows could be attributable to a large number of things. But the two have been together since January.

Tinglan Hong and Hugh Grant

The couple were seen out over the weekend in London and in one particular photo, it appeared that Hong had a rounded belly, leading to pregnancy speculation.

In any case, the 32-year-old has grown close with Grant, 50.

A pal told News of the World, "Hugh and Ting have grown increasingly tight in recent months. They see each other most days and she's a big part of his life."

Enough to settle down and start a family? Eh, it's Hugh Grant. Wait until the official announcement before you put a lot of stock in this rumor. That's our take.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


Nothing here...just trash meets trash. Come on, let us call it what it is. Uncouth drunk Hugh Grant will stick his thing in a key lock for a new thrill. And as long as you have a buck, his girl's golddigging type will date or marry you, even if you have one foot in the grave, so long as they get a trust fund for the baby.


No follow-ups to this anymore? Could you have been mistaken or will the baby be born shortly?

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