The Pulse: Robsten's Ring, Taylor's Trailer

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The Hollywood Gossip is proud to present another edition of The Pulse, where our staff recaps the day's biggest events in celebrity news and gossip.

Did Robert Pattinson really give Kristen Stewart a "promise ring"? That may be just a rumor, but Taylor Lautner's Abduction trailer is the real deal.

Catch up on these stories, plus a rundown of last night's American Idol performances and Rebecca Black coming to Glee, right here with The Pulse:


I love this movie Breaking dawn, Breaking dawn ,Twilight very much. also i love Robert Pattinson.he is very very handsome.


American is fuck up once again like every year. I just don't understand why they made a big deal about pia. Now they are not making such a big deal about paul mcdonald got boot it off on american idol. If paul makes a cd. I will like to get it because, he is so talented he voice was so differnet then anybody else. You don't hear that kind of voice on the radio. Hopfuly scotty leaves next week. Seriously he sucks. No a fance we don't need another willie nelson. It makes me sick that scotty is still there. If he is safe again & somebody else goings home that is so dam talented then american got it all fuckup. This is the reason why i don't like computition?

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