Perform This Way: Weird Al Parodies Lady Gaga!

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Weird Al Yankovic, whose career comprised of parodying hit songs has lasted longer and been more lucrative than many of his subjects, has released a new gem.

"Perform This Way" is Al's take on Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," and includes plenty of the satirical lyrical wordplay that are Yankovic's hilarious trademarks.

Its release follows myriad reports that Gaga blocked the parody - which she can't even do, legally, but Al always gets permission from the stars in good faith.

In any case, Gaga’s manager nixed it without telling her. Word got back to Gaga, who was not pleased. The manager is sorry. Gaga loves it. Everyone is happy.

Here's Weird Al's "Perform This Way," his homage to Gaga, with lyrics:


Weird Al is my favorite New York ass clown.


THAT was the lamest Weird Al song I've ever heard. It didn't even crack a smile, and you HOWL watching something like "Bad". I guess he couldn't really be bothered because the song he's parodying is super lame also. I want to like it cos it's Gaga, but really, it's a yawn.


of course she loves it. she's fucking fantastic.




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