Michaele Salahi: Stalked, Threatened, Living in Fear

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Former White House pest and Bravo reality star Michaele Salahi claims that someone's been stalking her and making death threats in recent weeks.

Her husband, Tareq Salahi, even placed a frantic 911 call for her protection.

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Maybe the stalker just wanted to see Michaele Salahi in Playboy and is pissed that this is no longer in the cards? We kid. Although you never know.

The Salahis say that the threat-maker called the Sheriff's Dept. in Fauquier County, Va., falsely claiming Tareq broke into a winery co-owned by Tareq's family.

Deputies tell us they found no evidence of a break-in, but were called backwhen Tareq and Michaele found out the call came from the alleged stalker.

The Salahis filed a police report and the case is now under investigation. The couple is also seeking to have a protective order put into place ASAP.

According to the Salahis, the man has also been tailing Michaele, shooting photos and video and also sending death threats and obscene messages.


This couple of attention hoars should team up with Balloon Boy and fly away,...very far away!


What a couple of fucking liars! They've made things up for publicity before! Besides, what kind of stalker would waste their time on her?? Just a couple of wanna-be's trying to get their 15 minutes! Newsflash Michaele: your 15 minutes passed way back!!!


These two crashed at The White House, and their lives have been in a tailspin ever since. One season on The Housewives franchise was enough to send them packing. One month renting from Michael Lohan,and they were ousted. A pictorial with Playboy that will Never be published. Now this infamous couple are claiming to be living in fear, stalked,and threatened. Gotta give them credit, with this couple,they keep something going on and rest assured, with The Sahalis, Life is Never a dull moment!!


How dumb do they think we are! This people are one rediculous publicity stunt after another! WORST HOUSEWIFE IN BRAVO HISTORY!


is this just another publicity stunt by the couple?
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another"star"???? who has to make up things to stay in the public eye, can't stand that their 15 minutes was up long ago.

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