Kathy Wakile and Melissa Gorga: New, Real Housewives of New Jersey

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Danielle Staub may be gone, but the drama will still be boiling over every week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The series returns on May 16 with a special 90-minute episode, during which viewers will meet two new cast members, both with connections to Teresa Giudice: Melissa Gorga is the her sister-in-law, while Kathy Wakile is Teresa's cousin.

Bravo has released the first promotional shots of these new stars.

Melissa Gorga Photo

Wakile (right) is married with two children. Her official Bravo profile makes no secret that this is a woman "who loves to party and have a good time."

Gorga, meanwhile, has three kids and is married to a successful real estate developer. You won't believe this, but she does not get along with Giudice at all. Why would Bravo possibly cast her on the show in that case?!?


I am an avid fan of RHNJ and have been since day 1. I am getting tired of Teresa and her jealousy of Melissa and Kathie. Right now I couldn't care less if she left the show or stayed on it because the longer she stays on the show the dumber she reveals herself. She says family is important but I don't think she knows what family means. What kind of example is she giving her daughters.


Teresa, your the best you husband also. I don't watch the anymore since your sister inlaw, kathy, and richie came on the scene. Teresa please beware and strong. your famlily are are all vile. And caroline to push them in your company, invite them to all occasions when she knows how hurt you are by them. What was it she said when she was going to invite them to the new year eve party. "Teresa will have to deal with it" I don't call that a friend to Teaesa....I see that as someone that has to be liked by everyone. And jacueline your daughter needs you and you constantly turn on the water water works to get Chris upst and do your dirty your you and caroline make a good match because you also have the need to have everyone like you. And just forget the rest of the bunch they really are slime


making fun of children is cruel and childish julie. what with the gorgas' wearing hats in the house. it is rude for man to wear a hat in the house let alone at the dinner table it's right up there with not wearing shirt ugh! the table manners on this show are terrible.talking w/mouth full chewing w/mouth full, arms all over the table, glass on left side so they can drag their sleeves through their food. they must be a nightmare for waitstaff in restaurants.


Antnia looks like nonna Antonia.
Milania looks like an old lady.
Gabriella looks like nonna Filomena.
Lauren Manzo was dumped bu Vito.
Ashley looks like she's maturing some.
Jacqueline has a ''funny face and a small nose''.
Melissa is black.
Kathy is pretty and talented.
Teresa is an idiot.


lost this viewer too much drama, at a babys baptism no less


get rid of the sister in law- and her sisters, talk about annoying.Sorry but teresa's brother Joe is a idiot.not a thug a idiot.His wife will have a few more kids than leave his sorry ass I would rather watch that hood rat D.S THAN THE NEW ADDITIONS to the show. The sister in law is Gold digger central, NOT ATTTRACTIVE IN THE LEAST and when she talks i want to "flip a table"

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