Jenna Rose: The Next Rebecca Black?

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If we were going chronologically, Rebecca Black should be the next Jenna Rose, since this video came out months before Black became a household name.

Fate can be a cruel thing, though.

Rose's debut single, "My Jeans," was actually released in October, but will now be considered by many to be a Rebecca Black knockoff, and a bad one at that.

We mean awesomely bad. Watch:

Things in common with Rebecca Black's "Friday" ...

  1. Hilariously awful lyrics
  2. Comedic doses of auto-tune
  3. Unlawful driving by 'tweens
  4. Random African-American guest artist
  5. Setting new low for human civilization
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God anyone can be famous these days...


To add to my below comment, this site, is picking on a 12 year old, i mean Jesus Christ talk about low plus you barley say it, but "friday" is a knockoff of "my jeans" doesn't matter what the insecure 12 year old haters say, i mean common you only hating cause she 12 and more famous then you will ever be ;)


WOW this website fails, seeing how "my jeans" is older then "Friday" hahaha what a shit site, get new reporters or something.


LOL! Ugliest jeans ever...terrible song = fail.


to be completely honest i haven't seen ANYONE wearing those jeans -__-


I can guarantee no one is wearing those jeans like her


d both is same o_0 hate kids


so i suppose if jenna & rebecca make youtube videos that kinda suck, i can make one suckier & i'll get my 5 min. Of fame o.0? At least they're trying!


But if Britney uses auto tune and sings about sex, everything's alright, isn't that so ?


i thinks shes worse.....