Glee to Channel Lady Gaga, Cover "Born This Way"

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With an episode titled "Born This Way," Glee is paying homage to Lady Gaga April 26. In a 90-minute episode, New Directions will perform her latest smash hit.

That week (the show's second episode back from hiatus), Mr. Schuester teaches the club a lesson about self-acceptance and embracing what makes us unique.

Thus the parallels with Gaga's anthem for those very themes:

While it makes sense that the show will have a finger on the pulse of the music world, some fans say it needs a new direction (pun intended) in its writing.

The perceived pursuit of hot tunes to shoehorn into episodes, rather of focusing on characters and writing that made the show a hit, is a frequent criticism.

Do you agree? Or do you love the hit Glee music tie-ins?

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I think Glee should stay away from Green Day and My Chemical Romance. I cried when they did 'SING' by MCR (it was horrible and completely off key) I heard a rumour they were doing American Idiot NO! don't do that song, do some pop crap


Love Gaga, but I cannot wait for the Glee trend to be over. It just tries waaay to hard to be "diverse".

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