David Letterman Goes Off on Donald Trump

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David Letterman was joking around with Dr. Phil last night, only he wasn't really joking when it came to Donald Trump's criticism of President Obama.

He began by asking Phil about Trump, and Phil didn't really bite. What Dave was really doing was giving himself his own segue to lay into the Donald.

Dave said, flat-out, that beyond the birth certificate, Trump's questioning of Obama - how he got into Harvard, how he wrote his memoirs - is racist.

“It smacks of racism,” said Letterman, noting that while it's all a giant media circus to a degree, “Nobody should be amused by that tactic.”

Trying to diffuse things, Dr. Phil said he doesn’t think Trump “has a racist bone in his body," but rather "just doesn’t think things through.”

Dave scoffed and said if Trump returns to The Late Show - “and I’m not sure that we want him back” - he “ought to be prepared to apologize.”

Trump denied he's racist yesterday, following a similar calling out by CBS News' Bob Schieffer over the mogul's remarks about Obama's grades.

A possible White House candidate in 2012, Trump said he was making a broader point about the President's lack of transparency about his past.

Whether or not you think Donald is out of line, it's nice to see a host not cozying up to celebs by default and actually offering a strong opinion.

Don't you agree? And what do you think about Trump? Racist?


Trump and the khardasians are similar
That is what I think of Trump
Big ego big mouth hides small brain behind a big bank account and big false hair implants


The choices suck. I don't really think he is a racist, but I do think he is a moron and wrong. He is just trying to use Mudslinging tactics and thinks that is the best way to go. Kill one of his negative tracks and he will just change to another one.


What is Doctor Bonehead doing on David Letterman mentioning Trump and his hairdo?


W.G.Lee: "Who died and made Dave KING of the political scene???
Let the Donald have his say and then let the voter's decide!!!"
________________ So, the Donald should be allowed to have HIS say, but Letterman and everyone else shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion? That's probably the way Trump and you would like it, but democracy doesn't quite work that way.


Trump's crusade against President Obama definitely had racist undertones, no question about it. But Letterman's attack against Trump is a bit of a case of pot calling the kettle black, not that Letterman is racist, but he's definitely far from an all-round good guy. It's not long ago that he had some embarrasing secrets to confess himself.


Dr. Philgood was Not about to say anything negative about Trump. He might trash talk about the advice seekers that come to his show,the many people that he talk at and talk down to,but it is Not in Phil's Nature to go along with bashing a so-called celebrity like Trump!!


@roger springfield: If Obama was white the remarks would never have been made in the first place. Think about it. Trump said he "heard" Obama was a really bad student and questioned how he got into Harvard. There is no way a bad student could get there and become president of the Harvard Law Review. Was he saying Obama got in because he came from a wealthy family that bought his way? Nope, we all know that is not true. Was he admitted because there was a decades long conspiracy to make him president? Nope, if anyone believes that they are crazed. Mr.Trump was saying that Obama only got into that school due to affirmative action and did not deserve to be there. I'd like to see Mr. Trumps undergrad grades and see if, in fact he did well enough to deserve his Ivy League status. I'm willing to bet that he was a much poorer student than Obama. Has any other President been called out to release his college transcripts? Nope. Sorry, this smacks of racisim.


Doctor Phil is a true bonehead ,but Trump has a real bad haircut.


Hey, Letterman...you are a SEXIST PIG!! FYI, IMinformedO


Who died and made Dave KING of the political scene???
Let the Donald, have his say and
then let the voter's decide!!!

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