Dancing With the Strippers: Kendra Wilkinson Does a Striptease For Len!

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Kendra Wilkinson was finally in her element last night.

With the right routine and encouragement from partner Louis Van Amstel, K-Dubs finally released her inner beast on Dancing With the Stars, letting loose with a sexy Brazilian party samba that was as uninhibited as her outfit was revealing.

For once, her stripper background came in handy:

"The more you gyrated, the more I palpitated," said Len Goodman, who just received the birthday present of his life in the form of a Kendra Wilkinson striptease.

The job has its perks. Tom Bergeron could only add, "Nicely done." It was, but will it be enough to get her through to the next round? What do you think?

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Forget about the childish comments, Kendra is beautiful, shiny, entertaining, cool and true!
Love her! Great dance!
GO Kendra!!


Well of course y'all think she was great cuz you know she's a pro~at being a ho!!


Kendra, don't worry about these comments!
You're a good girl and have a good heart and you are blessed with having a good family near you!
All the best from Romania!


kendra looked awesome wish i had lens view and hanks access


she is a whore a slut always going be one i hope kristie allie gtes it


Go Kendra, hank looked proud.....


She is a sweet, amazing person with a lot of guts. To all those haters out there -- pffffttt!! You just wish you had what she does!!! Go Kendra!! Now if you want to see someone who is whiny -- go check out Holly Madison. bleh


Good lord I want lessons from her on how to do that! She looked fabulous doing it!!!


f*** all da haters. Kendra is gorgeous, smart, a great mother and wife, and she danced an amazing samba and looked fabulous. I love you Kendra


I wish I could shake like that!!! OMG! You know that is really difficult, well at least for me! Loved it!

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