Casey Abrams Goes Back to Nature, Boy

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"It's hard to find a song that defines me as an artist." - Casey Abrams

These American Idol kids are getting frisky. Like James Durbin, Casey butted heads a bit with producer Jimmy Iovine regarding his selection Wednesday.

Jimmy nearly talked Abrams into doing Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight," but he went with his gut and that meant channeling a little Nat King Cole.

Iovine wasn't pleased, but the judges give a standing ovation after a intimate, stripped down performance that Casey really put his heart and soul into.

Whether "Nature Boy" defines him as an artist remains to be seen. But Abrams fans surely loved this and many people on the fence likely did, too ...

Was it the best of the night? If not, who was? Vote after the jump:


Casey is a breath of fresh air. I have missed Al Jarreau for years and now Jazz is finally back. They are all winners in their particular venues, however Jazz will always be Here to Stay!


Casey sounds like a lounge singer to me. Is he trying to release gas with his grunts?


The judges wasted the save with Casey. He needs to go and take Paul and Jacob with him. All three are boring. The final two will be Scotty and James. As far as the judges go I miss Simon. He gave honest hard feedback. All the judges this year are too soft and smooze their favorites. Lauren and Jacob are obvious favorites that will not/should not make it to the top 5. Come on judges. Do your job!


??? i dont get why people like him so much! sure hes pretty good, but hes not that good. either way he wont make it in the big league, but i can see him having a small amount of popularity once the shows over.


Casey is the bomb! Paul needs to go home (about 4 weeks ago).


Aside from most of the judges past and present, Idol just aint all that hip and now and again we get someone who is too hip for the room. Casey is one of those. The little teeny boppers won't get it and the tunnel visioned or musically challenged won't get it (remember when one guy did Moody's Mood? Randy got it, Simon, not so much. He may not be the all around New Boy Ga Ga, (no dis to lady G, she actually has a lot of talent) but Casey is more that just a singer, he's a real musician!


I was shocked at the standing ovation Casey got last night. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm not a jazz fan. Having said that, I'm so sick of Casey's affected performances: the mugging into the camera and the strained bowel movement grunts. I also think some of these contestants are a bit over-the-top arrogant to ignore the advice of Jimmy Levine.


I've been a fan since his very first performance. And altho it wasn't Casey's best performance to date, he has totally proven that he's a REAL artist. Look at this guy's range. Is there nothing he can't do? Clearly, this guy is going to have a nice long career. The Idyllwild Arts Academy must be extremely proud to call Casey theirs. I wish I had bumped into him on our treks to that awesome mountain town.


I love it, 2 months ago these guys were probably waiting tables. And now they're "artists".

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