James Durbin to American Idol Fans: Give Metal a Chance!

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James Durbin urged American Idol viewers to give heavy metal a chance last night. After this energetic performance, it's safe to say a bunch of them will.

After doing a little Sammy Hagar for Jimmy Iovine and getting mixed reviews, he took his case straight to America. His message: "Give metal a chance!"

When he walked onstage with Zakk Wylde from Black Label Society and did his thing with Ozzy Osbourne, two things were crystal clear from the start:

  1. This wasn't your typical performance and some people won't love it.
  2. Wow. That was actually pretty awesome, probably the night's best.

Zakk and the judges agreed. Do you? Watch James Durbin and see:

Was it the best of the night? If not, who was? Vote after the jump:


James durbin is phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he shbould sing "fly to the angels" by slaughter!!


James is good. He won't win idol though. Idol doesn't attract the age group who like metal. Its a family show James. He'll hold his own but in the end he won't match up with Scotty or Casey. Did a nice job on the post apocalyptic thing. My son walked by and stood and watched and said "he's good" and walked off. Did he vote? No! He doesn't like "Idol night" in our house and can't wait for it to be over.


This season has some of the best singers-entertainers and multiple genre, making Season-10 the most exciting season to watch. It seems, since Simon Frown left the show the reins were let loose. The judges have great chemitry together giving positive encouragment, push the constantants to excel beyond their own beliefs. It's awesome to watch these performers grow, getting stronger and better each week. Wylde/Durbin 'ROCKED' the American Idol house !!!


love him too, he'll have a good career waiting for him when idol ends!


i think black people can be awful sometimes...about kobe and about heavy metal;when it plays well you can enjoy listing it too.


I think he is great, and he won me over when he did the ballad the other night. I think people are liking him and he has won them over as he is that good, but still they are going to go with someone they relate to better. He needs to do more songs that people can relate to or I am afraid he will not have a chance to win.. All contestants seem to want to pick songs special to themselves and they need to stay true to who they are but also try and pick songs people like and relate too more at least for the vote... He does ROCK though..

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