American Idol Results: The End of the Road For ...

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Well? Who among American Idol's magnificent seven is no longer with us?

Did someone we expected to stick around a lot longer get the boot? Or did America send one of the guys many people had in the bottom three packing?

As we saw it, Jacob Lusk, Scotty McCreery and Stefano Langone were in danger, with James Durbin, Casey Abrams, Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart safe.

We were two-thirds correct. Jacob, Haley and Stefano were on the block ...

Follow the jump to see which singer left American Idol this evening ...

Stefano Langone ended his run on the show in seventh place.

The wild-card finalist from Kent, Wash., was probably lucky to make it this far, and harbored no hard feelings about his ouster from the competition.

Asked by Ryan Seacrest how Idol had changed his life, Stefano replied: "It started my career, man. That's something you can't put a price on."

"That's everything. I'm so blessed. I came this far. It's great; it really is."

Indeed. He went out in style, too, with Stevie Wonder's "Lately." Way to go, Stefano. Congratulations on a great run. Now, on to the top six ...

Stefano Langone on American Idol

What do you think? Did America get it right voting off Stefano?


As fpor me, i think Jacob will be out not Stefano. Stefano has a great voice and hes last song lucky is a great song with him but voting is like that. I hope in the long run he has a good career. Pls dont get angry with Stefano 'coz of Pia that is not his fault its our vote and we are the who choice to save stefano now is her time but he is fine and accept. Thats a good sport. Nice guy. good luck and God bless Stefano.


Jacob may be a 'drama queen'. He may be a diva. He may be effeminate. I don't really care about those things. I've always loved black gospel music (although I'm white) and I think he has amazing vocal talent -- his several-octave range, his power. I don't know that he will get much further on IDOL, though, because so many people are put off by the things I mentioned in my first three sentences. Regardless, I think Jacob will do well and have a great career after IDOL.


Another minority down! Now 1 more left. Jacob. Had a little blip by eliminating Paul last week, but aside from that, this has been the most successful American Idol ethnic-cleansing yet.


Finally he is gone!! Now the really tatented ones can shine :)
And to Church Lady: Your comment about Aunt Jacob was hilarious LOL!! I agree


From New Zealand again. Got cut off before finishing!!!! Please America Jacob has to go!!!!!!!!!!!!


From New zealand again


\/ i don't think this is a real church\/ lady


Ironically, Stefano's farewell song was the best he sang all season! I give him credit for keeping a positive attitude after repeated times in the bottom 3. That kind of persistance will serve him well in the pursuit of his career. It's nice to see that kind of humility. Next on the chopping block? Aunt Jacob and her weekly bible-thumping drag queen act. Lose the closet door honey. It is ever so painful to watch.


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