Scott Disick vs. James Dean: Who Would You Rather...

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Scott Disick covers the latest issue of Men's Fitness.

In related news, Men's Fitness has officially sold out.

And in other related news, Kourtney Kardashian has examined this cover shot and blogged that Disick "looks like James Dean and I'm loving it!" Do you agree with this assessment? And, even more importantly, we must ask:

Scott Disick or James Dean: Who would you rather...

And the Winner is?

Kourtney Kardashian thinks Scott Dicisk resembles James Dean. Which of these stars would you rather have sex with? View Poll ยป


Scott Disick is fine as hell. I would uck him all night long!


this guy is seriously sooo ugly? what does courtney see in him? ugh. he has a fat mans face cuz all his features look like they are trying to fight for the middle of his head. idk how to explain that right but this guy is such a tool


That's easy, James Dean.... he was the orginal Rebal Without a Cause. How can you say no to that?!?!?!


Is there any shadow of a doubt?????


Whats Kourtney on? He looks nothing like James Dean! Wishful thinking maybe? @Kait: Christian Bales Patrick Bateman on crack would still look better than Scott! LOL


Ta! What's so special about those two guys? (Ibaha) nothing


Sorry Kourt: Comparing your sweeetie wearing a tee-shirt to the memory of James Dean is carrying egotism to the extreme. James Dean died at a very young age, but was an established star who still rake in $millions
based on talent that the world recognized in him from the movies that he made before his untimely death. P.S.
Everybody's other half is special in their eyesight,but making a special announcement concerning an overrated boyfriend will find you few admirers who feel the same about his plastic look on a magazine cover.


hmmm...real talent and classic good looks vs washed up reality star that looks like if christian bale as patrick bateman from american psycho smoked crack. tough choice. real tough.

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Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick
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