Rachel Oberlin Lands New Movie Role

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Turns out, being one of Charlie Sheen's goddesses can land you a role that is not limited to 911 dialer.

Bree Olson (real name: Rachel Oberlin) has signed on for her first non-pornographic movie role, E! News reports, as she'll make her big screen debut in an independent film tirled Mancation, a comedy that costars... Joey Fatone!

Smiling Sheen

"Bree has committed to the film," her rep says.

Producer Ryan Christopher McCarty, who has actually been fired from the movie, says Oberlin will portray Fatone's character's wife and... well, isn't exactly setting her sights on an Oscar.

"She will be playing Joey's wife. When Joey comes home, he sees her cheating on him with her friend, a woman," he says.

The script calls for Oberlin's Cyndi to be using a certain hard, long accessory on this female and to utter the line "real dicks are gross."

Sounds like a major stretch to us. Based on her relationship with Sheen, Rachel clearly finds real dicks to be worthwhile roommates.

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She was in an indie film in 09 at a comic book store


Wow. I'm so sure THG must be so ashamed they did not know about her 1st movie role in 2009 (what? no one heard of it? SHOCKER!) So what,she does not play Joey Fatones wife? She plays some lesser role that involves sex with another woman and that makes a diffrence? Still not a big leap from porn. Not like she is reaching here or becoming a serious actress. She is still Ewwww


Well they did just print that half this story is wrong, as Bree doesn't play Joey Fatone's wife. They clearly don't fact check here.


Wrong! Her 1st non porn bigscreen role was Purgatory Comics in 2009. Do your research!!

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