Kirstie Alley: The Dancing With the Stars Cover-Up!

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Carrie Ann Inaba just got engaged on live TV, but is there a Dancing With the Stars coverup in the works regarding Kirstie Alley's first wedding?

Star says so. Pretty much guaranteed to be important and true, right?

Kirstie has emerged as a favorite on the show early on, but there's one routine she'd rather forget, the tabloid reports ... her secret first marriage!

Her marriage to Bob Alley ended when - gasp - she left him for another man. This was like 40 years ago. Not exactly riveting celebrity gossip, Star ...


In other news, there's extreme surgery, cocaine and pills going on. Who knew DWTS was such a hotbed for scandal and not just Maksim Chmerkovskiy dating rumors?

Also, that's a pretty harsh diss, Camilla. Good pun, but harsh.


This is so ridiculus how are those judges freaking out over CHRISTIE ALLEY routine. She's tripped, fell and even lost a damn shoe but shes the greatest? Give me a break. Shes the worst it aint fair to the other competitors. Someone is paying someone in the backseat.


Shut up world !!!! Kristi Alley is awesome... Her last dance not a jaw dropper but my god for a 60 year old woman she is beautiful and has great moves


I think Kristy is a very good dancer. Yall, quite haten!! Wendy, its time to pack your bags, Baby! Sugar Ray, u r not boxing anymore! Stop fighting! Hines, Baby, u got it going on! U too Romeo!!!!! kendra, u were too sexy for your own self !


Kristie Alley danced so badly but the judges kiss her ass. It makes me sick that they would give her the score she didn't derserve and yet dancers who danced alot better got lower scores. Come on Judges is this relly fair. She talks about drinking a beer to get her loose, what a role model. I will refuse to watch this show if they keep putting her thru. But, Wendy who danced and they gave her low scores, which Kristie should have gotten, too. JUDGES THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!!!


Well folks tomorrow I'm sorry but it is Wendy's turn to go. I
am a very serious dancer and strict on following the rules. I
don't go by how famous you are which isn't fair or right to me.


why is it that all these rag papers and media have to try and ruin everything on TV? Always have to do this tell all you are
all terrible. Just ONCE SHUT YOUR PIE HOLES.


Kirstie still uses her first marriage's name. She herself talks about her weight, drugs, etc.; but I'm with her -- I can talk about myself but don't let anybody else do it. Doesn't she know that even bad publicity is publicity? So what about the past; this is today!


Had forgotten Kendra is on DWTS. Will have to watch now. LOL

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