Katy Perry's "E.T" Video Featuring Kanye West: Watch, React Now!

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We've seen the promo pics. Now Katy Perry's music video for "E.T." has been released. She and Kanye take us to a whole new dimension up in this piece.

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    I love this song but love the video even more.After looking at the video over twenty times in a row I realized the message.... did anyone notice what this girl is trying to tell us...bascically we are FUCKED whatever has been hiding deep within the earths core or up up and away are coming to kick azz....


    I like this song a lot It has given me a new appreciation for Katy Perry. Her voice is the hook.

    especially the soft part near the end
    Her voice is sweet and clear. Great song except for Kanye.

    Kanye West was not needed in this song and in fact comes close to ruining it. I mute the part with him. I don't get it and I suppose I never will. Rap is just a guy talking and nothing more. When will it end, it has overstayed it's welcome.


    i love this love and the beat, kanye matter it even hotter. i like her style, its like a classier version of lady gaga.


    Looks like Katy Perry lip sang on Idol not a good thing either!!!


    The video is telling us that all these movie stars are shape shifters if u think its funny jus wait and see


    heyyyyy luv the song et


    Ripped E.T. from tatu "All the things she said"


    Katy wants a black man that's y Lange is in the video. The history channel is now telling us that blacks come from the stars of Orions Belt and Sirius A and mars and our DNA is transmutating to a whole entire species ie all the domination in things that have to do with nature(music, music, sex, spirituality, physical ability, adaptability, SYAYING IN THE SUN W/OUT GETTING SKIN CANCER!!!. WE ARE AND HAVE ALEAYS BEEN THE ET. HOTEP!!


    too bad katy perry didn't write this song, but Gaga wrote every song on her album. im not a katy hater, its just a shame that the "cool" thing to do now is imitate Gaga with image and sound. Katy perry should just stick to whip cream titties-that's how i like to see her. this video would've been cool if Gaga never came onto the scene and Katy was the first one to think outside the box.


    This is dumb. Getting tired of the :how weird can we be" culture we live in this wasnt art it just weird. Great beat horribly used AGAIN. Kanye PLEASE RETIRE!

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