Katy Perry Channels Lady Gaga For "E.T."

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Katy Perry's new music video is for her song "E.T." But rather than Steven Spielberg's alien creation of decades past, she's channeling Lady Gaga and Avatar.

Or so it would appear in these promotional pics released by her label, Capitol, in advance of the video. Maybe with a little David Bowie thrown in there as well?

Click on the Katy Perry pictures below to enlarge some of her various looks for the video. Whatever she's going for, her style is out of this world (booo!) ...

  • Clawz Come Out
  • A K. Perry Pic
  • Bronzed Goddess
  • Krazy Katy
  • Perry Goes Wild

[Photos: Capitol Records]

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Honestly, Gaga fans? It's so hypocritical how mad you got at Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry for 'borrowing' from Lady Gaga when we all know that Gaga has borrowed from Grace Jones, Madonna, and Cher. Katy and Xtina are both prettier than Gaga and Christina is a better singer than Gaga. Get over it. You act like Lady Gaga is the only female artist who can be edgy.


these gaga comparisons are getting old and annoying now. everytime a artist brings out creative her name has to pop up somehow and people start saying there copying lady gagas style like lady gaga is the god of creativity but then again no1 else is stupid enough to go to an awards show in a meat dress.


Well I think inspiration comes from many different people and work..that they have created...GaGA..has a lot to add to much imagination in her work..its all a melting pot of ideas..and different ways to look at things..what you add to it ..is up to the artist..to figure out what they have inside themselves that wakesmight b up ..inside of them..to add to make a new masterpiece...I'm sorry...buut she is brilliant....


i wish people would re read what they type. you are arguing over who copys who when in reality EVERYONE copys EVERYONE there is not "ORIGINALITY" pool to dip from anymore every thing has been said, sung, visualized, made into bright colors, and done with already. all anyone can do now is pull from other people and make what they and their people making songs and videos feel right and possible for that artist. if you say katy copied then so did gaga and every other singer out there. get a clue.


totally agree w/ kat
and for me
it doesnt mean that if a pop star dresses and act like weird
she copy gaga
lady gaga is a rip off of madonna


OMG, I forgot that Lady Gaga invented the planets and outer space. Open a book!


Oh my gosh I wish the world would stfu about lady gaga. Just because people do something that's out of the norm they automatically bring up how they got it from gaga...its stupid, people need to get their heads out of their asses and realize that.


*Madonna started the visually appealing "weird" video craze with her video for Bedtime Stories. I'm a Gaga fan too, but unlike others, I don't worship her & believe that she is the creator of all things interesting.


@Simon...so ummm ur saying that before Gaga people just stood around in videos? Madonna start


Katy Perry new video should be called GAGATAR and not E.T ! GAGATAR because the video its a mixture of AVATAR and Gaga ! lol