Kate Major Accuses Michael Lohan of Throwing Her Across Room, Choking Her With Towel

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Looks like THG was correct in its theory that Michael Lohan's arrest for domestic violence last night stemmed from an incident with his ex, Kate Major.

It appears this violent confrontation got ugly really fast.

According to TMZ, citing what she told the cops, MiLo went to his apartment, which shared with Kate, last night. She hasn't lived there for a while.

Mike Lohan and Kate Major

Kate, who also dated Jon Gosselin, was briefly engaged to MiLo last year.

Kate dropped by to pick up some of her stuff, but Michael Lohan became upset that Kate was packing up for good, and quickly "went ballistic."

The two started arguing, and Kate turned her back on him, only to be grabbed and thrown across the room, striking the bedpost with her shoulder.

Kate Major claims Michael took a towel and began choking her, too.

She also says Michael threatened to cut himself with a razor blade and blame Kate for it if she contacted the police, which she eventually did.

Kate went to the station, where cops photographed "visible injuries."

Michael was arrested for inflicting corporal injury on a co-habitant, false imprisonment, and preventing the report of victimization - all felonies.

Lindsay's dad, who has battled heart problems before, complained of chest pains after the incident and is currently in the hospital recovering.

Kate has accused him of abuse before, only to recant the allegations, but these charges are serious. Lohan is being held on $200,000 bail.

If it weren't for Chris Brown exploding on Good Morning America, this would be the wildest story of the day at THG. More details to come ...


I don't care if she is a hooker,no woman should be beaten by a man !!!!!!! if lohan wants a fight i will give him one,i have been in an abusive relationship i know what it is like. right now i would like nothing more than to kick Lohans ass!!!!


to be honest she is a drug induced hooker,and im not saying that to be mean its the truth, she sells herself for $$.now to mean,she is a walking S.T.D infected drunken cum dumpster gold digging prostitute.. i hope something horrible happens to her.


By all indications these two off again/ on again doves can't live together and won't stay apart. Milo has a violent history with Kate, and to trust him enough to go alone to retrieve personal belongings only shows that she is in denial about his **hands on affection for her. Hopefully his hospitalization does Not cloud her judgement when it comes to the reality that this Romeo is Not from a romance novel.

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