Karen Rodriguez Creates Bilingual Stir on American Idol

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If most American Idol viewers agree that Pia Toscano put on the best semifinalist performance last night among the remaining 12 women, these same fans would say that Karen Rodriguez put on the most interesting.

Perhaps even the most scandalous, according to THG readers.

The New York native threw in a twist to her rendition of Mariah Carey's "Hero," singing almost half of the song in Spanish. This actually riled up a few respondents in our blog, who called Karen out for daring to be different.

Watch the performance now and sound off: Do you see anything wrong with the inclusion of a Spanish verse?

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Bye bye Karen. Adios.


This response is in agreement to gtc - When I heard that very remark I, as a Caucasian, heard it as "F U white people, we're here to stay (and not mix in, but to take what is yours, etc.) Very bad attitude.


what would happen if a white "American" sang and after said White Power?????????


Amazing the people we live among like this Mia character someone didn't love you dear what gives you the right to criticize anyone in this world you've never struggled to get something you may never have??? Last time I checked we are all inperferfect you are obviously a waste of air, air you could give to someone with more heart than you I hope u don't have kids or ever have kids that would be an abomination and we definitely don't need little demons running around dictating like hitler oh and by the way IM A PROUD BORICUA and I LOVE KAREN for at least having the guts not to hide who she was


To: mia you are such a bitch. Don't be so ingnorant, not all hispanic are here illegally. Karen sings beatifull if she wants to put a spanish twist to her songs she is more than welcome to do so. Stop being a hater!Biachhhhhhhhhhhh


wow. some of you people on here are a real embarrassment to true americans. if this is america and we need to speak english, why can't any of you haters write in english? go back to english class morons.


wow i wonder mia's background. if care to share... african american? caucasian? if so , germarn, italian, irish, polish, one thing i can bet on he or she is not native american , the only ones whom can speak that way about any other race living in usa.


Look at Mias grammar, do I need to say more. I almost (emphasize almost) feel sorry. I would be embarrassed to post a comment like her. But that's what happens when you are home schooled and suppressed from reality.


To you the dumn a.. That's talks crap. Go back to school you stupid jerk texax, arizonan new mexico, and california had spanish people before the states took over you are the ass hole that makes it hard for all hard working people to live in peace. Get a clue....


How sad is America, it's about time that you wake up and smell the coffee. Look around you and see the diversity. Have a look at who the President is, you need to be accepting of all cultures and also have a look at your stats from time to time. So here is my pride out loud....go Pitbull, go Jlo, and go Enrique Iglesias!!!! Don't panic cause I'm Hispanic.

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