Charlie Sheen Live Shows to Include...

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Charlie Sheen LIVE: My Violent Torpedo of Truth is coming to a number of cities. But what can fans that actually buy tickets to this nonsense expect to see?

"A rehearsed show," tour co-producer Joey Scoleri tells People. "It will be spoken word, it'll be funny and there will be interaction with the audience."

Another source claims "Charlie has been furiously putting together his show... working with actors, directors and writers. He is really working around the clock."

Sheen's Korner Photo

What else can audience members look forward to from this deranged individual?

  • The use of video.
  • Content related to Sheen's "manifesto," Scoleri says.
  • An appearance by goddesses Natalie Kenly and Rachel Oberlin, the latter of whom will be involved directly in some way, her rep confirms.

Concludes Scoleri: "He's one of the most creative people I've ever met in my life. If you want Charlie Sheen, you'll get vintage Sheen with this show. The guy's a media juggernaut. He's there to entertain."

What do you think, readers? Does this sound like a WINNING formula?


The devil's greatest trick was fooling people into believing he does not exist. Charlie Sheen understands this full well. The man is the bank. Rock on, Hollywood - you ain't seen nothing yet. And that is yet another trick hollywood plays out on the punters year after year.


I'm thinking if your not on drugs you're still acting like it Charlie. You had so much going for you...talent, looks, fans. Now, the drugs have taken a toll and you're talking about Warlocks. Then you starve a dog to death. You've lost everything...your looks, your talent and your fans. I was sad for you but now I think if you'll hurt an animal you can't sink any lower. Sorry Charlie! You're a loser.


Charlie is insane for real and a big loser. You suck Charlie. Jealous of what - that you are a pathetic idiot and people now are seeing who you have bee all along? Money means nothing, it is quality of life that matters and what are you going to do with all the money in the asylum? It was not an act and most people are not that stupid.


I tried to tell people 20 years ago Mel Gibson was A jerk met him while filming Lethal weapon3 no one bieleved me .........until now.


You are all pathetic. Play with your kids, take your spouse out to dinner,go golfing or fishing. Get a life,than you won't care if charlies a god.


In another photo it says cmon 2 for 1: you talking to me? you telling me to bring it on-- you can bet that I will bring it on: you missed but your 2 stupid 2 realize it & I can't wait until Tabitha, my relatives, & the others are put to death for their crimes & Im going to take the money & literally have multiple orgasms


He gets away with it and Chris Brown and Mel Gibson do not because both of them have photos and audio recording of their bad behaviour. Mel Gibson routinely can't handle interviews, growing visibly upset, as does Chris Brown. I haven't seen Charlie get ANGRY (crazy, but not like he wants to slap someone) on tape. Chris Brown believes it is justifiable to break a window to "let out his anger" in a television studio setting. That's just dumb. Chris Brown = Mel Gibson, and they are being treated about the same. It's not about being black.


Want me to put a knife so far down u throat it comes out u ass? Winning!


If his children did not witness it,does it make it ok to hold a knife to someones throat.i hope charlie sheen puts a knife to your sisters throat.yawa boy.


Is rihanna up with the double standards and when something like that happens to you and you are double standarded you would realise karma is a bitch.Peace

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