Casey Abrams: Worthy of a Save?

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The pressure was on Casey Abrams last night.

Following his shocking save on Thursday, the American Idol contestant had to prove the judges made the right choice. Did he succeed?

We think so. Abrams toned down some of his typical antics and performed a tender cover of "Your Song." Randy went a little overboard with his praise, likely in an effort to justify the panel's decision to keep Casey around. This was a perfectly solid rendition.

But was it really "absolutely brilliant," as the Dawg decreed?


that was really good! good enough to keep him in for a few more weeks a least but not to win. he'll do good outside of a.i. though!


I love Casey! I voted for him and will again. He is so cool and different and not at all full of himself. Refreshing. I hate beards though. Wish he would cut it so I can see his face.


Casey has strange diction which interferes with his talent in musicality. I don't think it was brilliant. The best measure of that is whether or not you remember the performance, and this was forgettable. Even more important to ask is, "Can I listen to it over and over without the hype?" Neh. It was meh. Why is he abandoning (for the second week) including an instrument in his performance? Bass guitar, bass... Casey can interpret it well. He needs to go back there.

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