Camille Grammer: Crushed by Kelsey's Wedding

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Camille Grammer is on record as wishing ex-husband Kelsey and his new bride, Kayte Walsh, the very best of luck.

But Lisa Vanderpump - being a loyal, close friend who isn't exploiting her co-star's pain for attention in any way - has come out and said this is basically a lie. Camille was crushed when Kelsey and Walsh tied the knot last week.

"She was very upset," Lisa told E! News. "It's public, it's humiliating, and she's very vulnerable. It's very upsetting."

Photo of Camille Grammer

But will Grammer return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?!?

"I can't say definitely, because it's been tricky the past few weeks with a lot of feelings running high with what went down with Camille and her divorce," Vanderpump said. "My perception is that it worked so if it's not broken why fix it? We would like it to stay the same but we're still working it out."

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Lot of smarts in that ptsiong!


Was he a cross dresser? Wondering about frilly panties.


Move on Camille, you don't need the drama. You're a beautiful women with 2 very beautiful kids. You can deffinitely do better than the garbage kelsey has put in front of you. I'm not saying he's a bad man because I've always been a fan of his. Everyone falls out of love its just the way he went about it was a low blow. But I am positve that Camille can move on from this she's gorgeous, she seems smart , strong and savy. Never give up you make your own destiny. God has put you in this to make you a stronger woman than you aleady are. Things happen for a reason maybe that because your knight and shinning armour is out there somewhere. Cuz honestly you were too sexy for Kelsey.. you go girl wipe those tears pick your head up and be the woman you deserve to be.


I Love the show I hope she returns.


Shut the hell up and move on already.


Ok. They're divorced. Divorce is painful. We get it. Divorces happen every day. She's not the first. Not even for Kelsey. This story is old. Can we pleeaasse move on now???


Be kind i hardly think kelsey "forgot about" his kids. He was unhappy being married to Camille. It extremely unfair to deny Kelsey has any love for his children, simply because he remarried!


Who wouldn't be upset and feel vulnerable with the speed ,nastiness and humiliation of the pregnant mistress flaunted in the media ,forced divorce and marriage two weeks later. What hurt and damage is being done to the 2 young kids kelsey forgot about? It's overwhelming. Camille survived the assault. She can have a weak moment but she is strong and savvy. She will be better off without that SCHMUCK.