Bill O'Reilly Calls Out Donald Trump for Obama Birth Certificate Claims

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It's come to this: Bill O'Reilly is the voice of reason.

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    Free info like this is an apple from the tree of knglewdoe. Sinful?


    Well, I don't think postseason rerocd should really be taken into consideration by the HOF, that is what led to the terrible inductions of guys like Bill Mazeroski and Kirby Puckett. And if you look at Schilling's comparables they are: Kevin Brown, Bob Welch, Orel Hershiser, Freddie Fitzsimmons, John Smoltz, Milt Pappas, Don Drysdale, Dazzy Vance, Jim Perry, and Catfish Hunter. Only three current HOFers and one likely (Smoltz). I think the names Kevin Brown, Bob Welch, and Orel Hershiser are the ones that stand out more to me here. Those guys are his comparables and while each is borderline, none of them are getting in. If you are going to put Schilling in because of his postseason performance, then what about Orel's postseason performance? Outside of 1985 (very early in his career) and 1997 (very late in his career), the guy was an absolute ace. Look at his numbers in the World Series for the Dodgers in 88 and even though he took the losses, his two starts in 95 for the Indians were great! He just had the misfortune of facing vintage Greg Maddux in the first game, but did beat him in game 5. The WHIP and Ks of Schill are better, but the ERAs and Ws are just about the same, plus Orel won a Cy Young (something Schill never did) and set the rerocd 59 consecutive scoreless innings pitched.


    Trump IS one of those fat cats you keep berating, so how do you think he will care about you or me? He is a wheeler and dealer in big business, has gone bankrupt four times so he didn't have to pay his debts, has supported liberal Democrats for elections, and you think he should be our next PRESIDENT?


    Very surprised people get mad about the request to see the birth certificate.. That's just weird! I'm a realist,I want things proven and an announcement in a newspaper is not. My children were born in WA state, however they have a birth announcement in Lodi CA. Their grandparents that lived there put them in. Do people realize the announcement doesnt say where he was born just a birthdate and parents name. Crazy how easy some people are and how defensive they get. If you have seen the actual birth certificate then I believe you have a right to say he was born in Hawaii, if not ask to see it.


    You nuts better wake up Obama has not produced his birth certificate and is distroying this country. what does he have to hide?


    Dave, I agree with you. Dona;d Trump actually has some decent ideas, and as a businessman he might have done some good for our country. But then he goes off on crazy rants like this one. He behaves like such an egotistical jerk at times, he negates all the common sense he might otherwise have.


    I couldn't have said it better myself!! You took the words right out of my mouth


    Donald Trump you damn DUMMY what's wrong with you,I use to admire your rich ass keep messing with OBAMA about his birth ya ass gonna be filing Bankrupt!mind your damn business can't believe you


    Donald trump is full of himself. Obama has done more so far than bush had done I all 8 years. The poof of birth was seen before he got sworn in so why should he have to prove anything to donald trump. I think he's trying too get obama kicked out of office so he has an easier election. He needs to quit trying to stop obamas progress.


    Obama was born in Hawaii because under the racist segregation laws of this beacon of freedom and democracy, his white mother and black father could have been jailed, and possibly lynched for loving each other in most states, and marriage was unlawful.
    Hawaii was about the only place in the country couples of any racial backgrounds could truly live free without being treated like space aliens. Speaking of which Donald Drumpf, should use his real family name if he wants to be authentic. Mr. Drumpf should also present a real platform based on solving the problems of this country, no more of this birther bs.

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