Ali Fedotowsky to Brad Womack: Pick Emily!

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Brad Womack's final rose is set to be doled out on The Bachelor season finale Monday. Reigning Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky knows who she'd give it to.

"I think both girls are great... but in the last two episodes, his connection with Emily [Maynard] has been undeniable," Fedotowsky told Us Weekly.

What makes Brad and Emily such a great fit?

Secrets of The Bachelor Finale

HE'S THE ONE: Roberto was for Ali. Will Brad be for Emily?

"It's been the little things that he's done - like he had that little picnic for her at the beginning outside. He is just so smitten with her," Ali said of "Brad's" courtship.

THG NOTE: Seriously, Al, you were on the show. You can at least give props to host-pimp Chris Harrison, who we all know sets up dates for his employees.

Anyway, Ali says when Brad is with Emily Maynard, the truest sign of love is that "he wants to do anything to sort of reassure her - like telling her he loved her."

"They are both southern and polite, and I just think they'd make a really cute little couple. All along I thought it was going to be those two," she admits.

What do you think? Who should Brad choose on the Bachelor finale?


omg all of you shut up! ur just jealous that they have found love and u havent, sure everyione wants to e famous, and if u have the oppurtunity why not?


this show is so racist that I can not believe that it is still on the air; give me a break! this guy (BRAD) is the most boring person on the show, and these women are pityful. his favorite word is . " this is so new to me" how boring and lame!!!


Brad to be a dad


She OBVIOUSLY reads Reality Steve. Ali Fedotowsky is such a famewhore and SO FAKE. I watched an interview where she talked about how she wanted to have dinner with Brad and his chosen one after the show ends and how she wants to pass along her Bachelor "wisdom" - suuuure. She just wants a piece of the media attention that Brad & his pick are going to have.


Hey Jordan, nobody cares about your opinion either!


Omg,that's what I'm sayinn!! She went on E!news weeks ago saying that it was chantel now its emily. I think its hilarious. Like eceryone hasn't heard all the rumors. Including Ali, way to make it sooo obvious


Ugh, shut UP Ali. She posted on her FB weeks ago that it was "so obvious" that he picked Chantal, now all along she thought it was Emily? Ali, go get a real job and stop trying to prolong your 15 minutes of fame, I am so tired of all these ex-Bach people. Nobody cares about your opinion.

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