Water for Elephants Movie Poster: Unveiled!

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Brace yourself for a shot of Robert Pattinson embracing someone not named Kristen Stewart...

The actor stands across from Reese Witherspoon in the official poster for Water for Elephants, which was released this week and which teases the upcoming. It's based on the best-selling novel, focuses on life at a circus and hits theaters on April 22.

A Hairy Experience

Check outs it official trailer NOW.

Stewart has been too busy to be jealous of Rob and Reese, however. She recently wrapped shooting on her own movie-based-on-a-novel, On the Road. Here's your first look at the actress in that role.

Have no fear, Robsten lovers: these two will reunite on the big screen before the year is over. Breaking Dawn comes out in November.


@guest, your guest is as good as mine this movie will be big, so much so that they moved the opening to a more convenient date for everyone. A forseen gesture that Fox is aiming for número UNO record, for opening day and opening weekend. @chris, yup can't wait for April, too!!


Summit Entertainment should learn from Fox on how to make a perfect poster of Rob Pattinson. The picture is just perfect!! @lame and damn, plzzz, don't talk about budget and profit if you do not know what you're talking about. Can you top Pattinson? I think not! So, let not hate speaks of your stupidity.


What an odd looking couple, nothing special for sure!


can't wait for the movie....where's April?


@notorious,too true.robert pattinson is waaay overated and reese witherspoon mostly acts in predictable romances.


Haters gonna hate but this film will be big hit


Reese Witherspoon could not pick a script to save her life. Everything she does, bar Walk The Line, bombs, or just blows in general. Easily the most overpaid actress in Hollywood today.
It appears as though R-Patz has picked up the same trait...aside from Twilight, he graced us with memorable films like...uh, nothing worth mentioning. R-Patz is one dimensional, he can only play one type of character, which rules out doing action films, thrillers, sci fi, etc...he can only do soppy dramas, and unless he's a vampire, his fans don't give a shit about him.
This film will be lucky to make budget, let alone make any kind of profit. And the title? Water For Elephants? Come on....that's just ridiculous.
Can't wait for the sequel: More Shit For The Cinema.


Its good but nothing special about it!

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