Two and a Half Men Creator Challenges Charlie Sheen to a Live-Off

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At the conclusion of last night's Two and a Half Men episode, the final installment filmed prior to Charlie Sheen's quasi trip to rehab, creator Chuck Lorre posted a message that ran in the show's credits.

Likely in response to the actor's hilarious threat that CBS better let him work or else he'll go back to boozing, Lorre made a reference to Sheen dying young. The on-screen card read:

Chuck Lorre Message

What do you think? Is Chuck Lorre calling out Charlie Sheen in such a public, personal matter fair or foul?

UPDATE: In response, Sheen says: "Chuck, I will outlive you. I will piss you off... I miss you, man."


chuck it just seems longer, perhaps you should try living now


I hope cbs stands their ground. Charlie is in need of help, he is in denial. I used to love this show, have all the series. But what i like or do not like what i'm seeing is not the issue. Charlie is still a talented human being who's work has made alot of peoples careers stand out. But i bet that every one of those who work with him knnow that their is still a loving human being inside of Charlie, and would like nothing more than for Charlie to get the help he needs. Its not about the show anymore, and I hope Charlie acnkowledges this soon before its too late.


Look at Ronnie Wood from the Stones! He's outlived a lot of clean living people.


That was hilarious. Some people follow all the rules and do exactly what we are taught we are supposed to. Then you have other people whose bodies have superhuman tolerances for nonsense. What Charlie does to his body is his problem. He has already ruined two marriages and his children... well, I feel really sorry for them. The only part I like is the fact that he is an honest fuhk up. He doesn't fake remorse when he knows he's going out and doing the same thing again.


It's CBS, Butt Bean!!!


Love the show, love Charlie sheen. its his life he can do what he wants. He should clean up but who are we to tell him what to do. F all the hates. Like the who posted above me.


Put the nail in Charlie's coffin already, jesus. He's an ASS and he has 6 kids already and he never considers ANY of them in his antics either. He's a douche and if I had to grow up with a dad like him (i.e. banging porn stars and smoking cocaine 24-7).....I'd f u k ing KILL myself!! He is a TOTAL fu ktard that porks scanks for fun.... a REAL WINNER!

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