Paris Hilton "Sure" Cy Waits Will Propose

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Paris Hilton has been in a sex tape and many serious relationships, but might Cy Waits finally be the one? According to reports, she's absolutely sure of it.

She said the same thing about Doug Reinhardt, but no matter.

Paris recently told Ryan Seacrest that she's sure Cy will pop the question. Based on a recent shopping adventure, that could be sooner than later, too.

Cy Waits and Paris Hilton

WHY WAITS: Will Cy put a ring on it? [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

On Paris' 30th birthday, she accompanied Waits to luxury jewelry store Jacob & Co. in New York City, where the duo checked out some serious bling.

"They shopped for engagement rings," the source says.

"They were really cute together. Paris was making comments to Cy about the rings she liked and joking that her ring has to be at least 24 carats."

There was no engagement ring on this trip, but Hilton did not leave empty-handed. Girlfriend left with a $25,000 white gold and black diamond ring.

Not bad for a birthday. Paris told E! News that the two are "really serious" and that "I'm so happy. I've never been happier." Pop it, Cy. Pop it.


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LOL BONER even better than what I was thinking!!
The only reason I could think any guy would want to marry this trash bag is for fame and what every money she still has. Need the 5 minutes of fame huh?? So sad...


Does anybody really care what this no-talent, spoiled, irresponsible woman does with her life? Undoubtedly she thinks she is famous, which is not the case. Famous is a person known for special characteristics, talent, or being extra ordinarily brilliant.Making a porn film and having a lot of money just represents another self absorbed spoiled kid whose life isn't worth the media hoopla given to cover the mundane acts of wasting her life instead of trying to help others who could use a break to get into college, obtain medical care for the disabled or families of children dealing with cancer or debilitating those are things Ms Hilton could help and become very famous and noteworthy.


who is cy waits???? Is she paying for her own ring?


Eh...he might make it to Mr. Hilton...for a couple months at least haha


If they get a baby i feel sorry 4 him/her cuz him/her will get teased i don't want to be a hater but i don't like Paris she's a slut and im afraid the kid will get spoiled by Her...


(*Crickets Masterbating*)


Wow!!!who would want to be with a fuckin spoiled brat like that!!!

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