Miley Cyrus Labels Bong Smoking a "Bad Decision"

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For the first time since she was caught smoking salvia in December, Miley Cyrus has spoken out about the incident.

Asked why such an uproar resulted from an action in which other teenagers also take part, the 18-year old seemed to actually understand her place in society for a change:

"They're not Miley Cyrus," she said. "They're not role models. So for me it was a bad decision, because of my fans and because of what I stand for."

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While Miley didn't comment on new boyfriend Josh Bowman, with whom she was recently photographed, the magazine did touch on another awkward topic: the divorce of Cyrus' parents.

"Anyone is going to be upset when there are troubles in their family," she said. "But I have a lot of hope in our family and no matter what happens, we're gonna stay strong."

Forget the attempt at smoldering photos above (please put on a bra, Miles), these answers show a mature side to Miley unlike any we've seen before.


Leave Miley alone she made a mistake leave her alone everybody makes mistakes everybody has those days so leave Miley alone she don't say nothing about yall so don't say nothing about her nobody is perfect


Leave Miley alone she made a mistake leave her alone everybody makes mistakes everybody has those days so leave Miley alone she don't say nothing about yall so don't say nothing about her


Miley cyrus is my idol,she is a nice person its just that she has got alot of fame at such a age and is now unable to handle it properly.


Honestly who cares wut she does it's none of our business wut the hell she chooses to do,its her life,not ours. Let her learn from her mistakes instead of putting her down. I love miley for who she is. I dont let wut she does get to me cuz everyone makes mistakes,she isnt perfect. She's my inspiration and i dnt like it when people criticize her. I see her as my big sister,showing people she dont care wut others think. Juss learn u make mistakes too so realize before u criticize. Love u miley i will ALWAYS have ur back no matter wut:)


@blaize: once again wtf? Still dont get what part of your ass this shit is coming out of.... I never said anything about her not being able to be sexy. Or that she never should. Also I never said anything about other female celebraties and the way the dress or w.e but I do have my own opinion about other celebraties and their apperance but i'm not gonna waste my time listing off my opinions to a bitch like you who's just looking for attention.


@Tammi: Ok... so it's not female sexuality in general that you have a problem with. You're just against MILEY CYRUS being sexual. For some reason in your book she's supposed to never have sex, never make-out, never wear a sexy outfit, and never do a sexy dance move. So Lady Gaga, Madonna, Beyonce, Rihana, Katy Perry, and any other celebrity can be as sexual as they want, and you'll have no problem with it... as long as they're not Miley Cyrus. That makes perfect sense! What a realistic expectation! That doesn't sound like a DOUBLE STANDARD to me!


@blaize: uhhh wtf are you talking about..??. I dont actually remember anything about being against female sexuality so im not sure what part of your ass you pulled that out of..... or the part about girls who show skin being whores or sluts...... Its not like I think girls should be walkin around in giant fleece sweaters with hoods and the biggest sweat pants in the world. I'm just sayin my opinion of Miley Cyrus as a person is a slut and a whore. Part of it is the way she dresses but its not all about the way she looks.


Ya kno all of you people commenting have issues just leave it alone. Let her live her damn life. You all are jealous. Drugs are a choice. Leave her alone. Skin is skin. Critics wouldn't be satisfied until she's dredsed lik a middle eastern women covering her face.


Amen to what blaize and hazylmarie was saying i mean seriously people get over yourselves! The girls trying to grow get out of this bobby teeny so sweet hannah montana phase! She cant be seen that way forever eventually even her fans are going to grow up and forget all about haannah montana shes just trying to make herself known a diffrent way b/c even shes gotta make a living! Yes i admit she couldve been just a little more subtle about it but still shes not twelve anymore ppl! I wish good luck to her and her familia:)


There r few stars who accept there faults so am glad she was mature enough to do it. And about her pic she is 18, live free miley.


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Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.

Miley Cyrus [at a concert, soon after photo scandal broke]

I have let myself down. I will learn from my mistakes and trust my support team. My family and my faith will guide me through my life's journey.

Miley Cyrus [on lewd photos]