Leighton Meester to Mom: You're Fired!

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Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester fired her mom as manager, cutting her off financially after an incident involving an old friend and a restraining order.

You know how these things go.

A Nasty Thrill Indeed

The 24-year-old actress dumped Connie Meester after a nasty confrontation with Leighton's friend Laurel Wiig led to a restraining order against her.

Connie has an extensive criminal past that is well documented, giving birth to Leighton while she was doing time in prison for marijuana smuggling.

The recent incident - in which Connie allegedly threatened to "hunt down and kill" Laurel - has Leighton worried about her mom's involvement.

"Now that she's gotten into more trouble, [Leighton] made the painful decision to cut ties with Connie," said a source close to the actress.

Added the source: "Hopefully, Connie will get whatever help she needs and she and Leighton can eventually sort out their relationship."

Leighton's latest movie, The Roommate, opened on top of the box office, and she's won raves for starring in Country Strong this year as well.

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I disagree with B and Juliet... she shouldn't have to support her mother and/or her brother... helping them out is one thing, supporting them is not something that should be expected of her. As a mother myself, I would never expect to have one of my sons support me if they became rich. A gift is one thing..I do agree that maybe if her brother is in need of medical assistance, and the mother is unwilling to care for him, that maybe he should live with Leighton and receive help through her. The mother needs to get off her lazy ass and take care of herself.


... Except Leighton's mom isn't her manager. She shares a manager with Garrett Hedlund, Emma Stone, etc.


Hey,maybe if her mom goes to rehab shes(most likely)to see and become "BFFS"with Charlie Sheen,lets face it rehab is pretty much Charlies new home...


I agree Juliet. Force her into getting help and check on her to make sure she does and make small steps to building your relationship. ok?


If anything, Leighton should be providing some sort of treatment to her mother, even if she chooses to be estranged from her mother until she can get her shit together. Family is family, Leighton!