Knicks Fans to Justin Bieber: BOOOO!

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Perhaps Justin Bieber should stick to Canada.

The singer was greeted with screams and cat calls in his native land this week. He then jetted to New York and attended the Knicks game last night, much to the chagrin of others inside Madison Square Garden.

As seen and heard below, Bieber was shown on the big screen while sitting courtside for the Knicks versus the Mavericks. While one young girl nearby was in tears over his presence, she was in the vast minority. Watch the video and then send in your love for Justin. He may need it after this...

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Lmfao BONER is funny. But seriously hearing Justina beiber was "Boo-ed" is sooo fucking funny! About time someone did it.


wow, that was really immature on the Knicks crowd. he's just a kid trying to have a career. pretty sad to see grown men, adults, putting down a 16 year old. and they say justin bieber acts young.


I am so proud to be a New Yorker and a Knicks fan right now!! LOLZ!
This is pretty funny. I don't understand why Beibs is so attractive to everyone. I REALLY don't see it when he is sitting next to Henrik... then again it is Henrik soooo....


I cant believe they wud do that to poor justin I love him more than everything... I understand they willl always b haterz but hay as fans every1 please try and stop it... Justin pleaze keep living the dream and enjoyin life... Dnt listin to those pple keep doin what u du best to make the rest of us wu care happy ... Mwah


Wow this is amazing justin bieber watching basketboll i love sooooooooo much justin bieber bye


@ Monkey: Thanks! That last one cleared their heads by 10 feet!!! LOLOLOL


You're so funny BONER!!


Man, it is sooooo easy to get Bieber Lovers to get their Huggies in a wad. LOLOLOL


justin Bieber s so talented Kid & You'r loser who deservs " BOOs" Cuz you dont have real life just haten in this talented boy who lifen his dream . Fuck u Haters ... Go Justin We Love you ..


this kid looks like a girl!