Kim Kardashian Speaks on "Fun" Song, Music Career

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She might be working with The-Dream, but Kim Kardashian's singing career is a nauseating reality.

The large breasted red carpet poser recently spoke with Us Weekly about her plans to release a single, as she's been in the studio with the man behind Rihanna's "Umbrella," and said: "I wanted to do something that I had never done before, something that was a little bit out of my comfort zone."

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kim was gonna charge companies $25,000 to mention their product in a Tweet, exploiting the ignorance of young fans who believed she was actually their friend, but then she realized: I already do that.

As for the song itself, "Turn It Up," Kim says it was "fun" to record; classifies it as "pop dance;" and says it will officially be released in three weeks.

Kardashian and The-Dream will also donate 50% of all proceeds of its sales to a cancer organization. Well... darn. That's not something for which we can mock her.


When did KIM turn to a musician?she can't even dance and I think is just too much KIM wants to be everything and @ d end of the day she may achieve nothing I wonder who tells her she's perfect in everying!shame KIM ur life will be much beta if you stick to wat you do best.


This guy's expression says it all. He must have owed someone a favor. Too funny.


All that thinks kim Kardashian looks like the Octomon, watch her show and see how muc they look alike, I think kim knows she had a bad face job much prettier before, natural,before.Sorry kim not as pretty any more


@boner: LOL!
Perhaps Heidi Montag is available to give Kim some pointers on believing she is a musical superstar despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary....
Nice to hear Kim will be giving money to a good cause but I don't see this bringing in any real money. Still, it is a nice gesture.


"Officially be released in three weeks."
NOOOOOOO!!!!its probably gonna be in ALL the radio stations.....that does sticking to my iPads like 1 month old music(better than her song anyways)....


lol BONER!


Ok...Ok!!! Since this is a story about a Kardashian actually giving something back that has any form of value (donations to a Cancer Org.), I won't say anything snarky (this time). Besides, if Khloe can get a free prostate exam out of this... I'm all for it!!!


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