The Kardashians Made How Much in 2010?!?

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We're just this big family with a lot of drama and a lot of issues, and there's someone here for everyone to relate to. - Kris Jenner to The Hollywood Reporter.

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    this family has no talent at all. they are spoiled rich loosers that were born with the silver spoon. who give a shit about them. lets all turn the TV off on the whole klan and watch some really talented people that really earned their own money... and as far as their looks... ughhhh really you can find more beautiful , interesting and educated women at your local starbucks or grocery store any day of the week. .... please let their 15 seconds of fame be over soooooonnnnnn!!!!!!!


    @latoya&kerrisa...AMEN... DON'T hate the playas hate the game!!!lol..BTW kerrisa correction Bruce DID race them he married their mother when they were all small n THEY resided w/THEM kim moved w/dad as a late teen or early 20's!!!


    LOL @ half of these comments. If you hate these girls so much, STOP READING BLOG POSTS ABOUT THEM. Just because you see one doesn't mean you have to click. I don't see why everyone is mad. They're making money on their own terms, and if it works, why stop? They have so many fans that it's unbelievable. When you guys manage to have 3 successful clothing stores, are on the cover of magazines every week, get paid to endorse things for a TON of money, and manage to have a successful show with successful spinoffs, let me know. And to THG, you said that we can make it stop. How about you take your own advice and STOP posting about them if you dislike them that much? OHHH I know why you don't. Posting about the Kardashians bring you a lot of hits...


    Am sure if u losers had this kind of opportunity and exposures, u'll grab it with all your lives. U are simply jealous of this gr8 family.if u hate them so much, pay no attention to them. They are so important and that's y u can't stand them. Get a life losers. Kudos to the Kardashians


    All that thinks kim looks like the Octomom.Kim is not as pretty as before she and octomom can be sisters


    Why would i be jealous of some stuck up rich just speaking my mind and thats what i kno its called an OPINION!!! did kno that or are you as stupid as them!!!


    you do realize that they have cosmetic lines, multiple clothing boutiques, as well as modeling. not just the television show. they were already wealthy before, so it is not as though they are selling their souls for money. they are business women who happen to be making a lot of money. but there are 3 Kardashian sisters and only one brother with the last name. the two younger ones are Jenners. and Bruce Jenner didnt raise them you idiot!! he has 4 other kids all full grown too. their father was alive until 2003. They were plenty grown. if you hate them so much, ignore them.


    wow someone sounds jealous


    @Vanessa A.
    of course i WOULDNT take the chance it would mean loose privacy in MY own family and people would kno me for something that im not and id be fake just like them trying to be "perfect" for everyone else!so thank you bu ti wouldnt take the oppurtunity!

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