Kate Major to Michael Lohan: Leave Me Alone!

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Michael Lohan recently reached out to Billy Ray Cyrus.

His ex-fiancee, Kate Major, says he's been doing the same - and just filed a criminal complaint because he's calling, harassing and threatening her constantly.

A few weeks ago, the on-off couple split (again), Kate tried to pack up her stuff from their NYC apartment, MiLo got in the way and things blew the f*%k up.

Mike Lohan and Kate Major

Kate then fled to her family's Florida home, where Michael called so much, Kate asked Verizon to permanently block his number, which didn't sit well with him.

Michael allegedly threatened to do "something bad" to her at that point.

She filed a criminal complaint with police in Florida and plans to seek a restraining order on Monday. Mike, of course, says her accusations are false as always.

MiLo, accused of assault on Kate last summer, only to have her drop the charge, says "She has done this many times, and the allegations always prove false."

Much like his claims of representing Lindsay to the Late Show.


You know, for someone with no talent for singing, dancing, acting, etc., this dude sure gets a lot of press. While it can no longer be used as an excuse for Lindsay's behaviour, I can see why she would have some of the problems she has. Michael has been in and out of jail, and Lindsay's parents, collectively, only seem to care about making money off their children. It really is pathetic that he feels the need to alienate his family in favour of fame and money, despite not really being famous for anything other than being a douchebag, and earning money off it anyway. He's like Kim Kardashian-meets-Spencer Pratt, and God knows that can never be a good thing. With that in mind, I rename the title of this article and all other articles related to Michael Lohan:
"Universe to Michael Lohan: Leave Us Alone!"

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