Celebrity Wedding Details, Menus, Dates: Revealed!

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We have the vital intel on a couple of blockbuster celebrity weddings:

First, Kelsey Grammer will become a husband for the fourth time on Friday, as he ties the knot with Kayte Walsh at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. TMZ has uncovered the reception menu, which includes a wedding cake by designer Sylvia Weinstock, prawns, goat cheese truffles, braised beef shortribs, wild mushrooms, lobster with corn and mango relish...

Gary Shirley should stay as far away as possible.

Hugh Hefner, New Girlfriend

The Race to the Altar, Divorce Court: Kelsey and Hugh will both give marriage another try this year.

Hugh Hefner, meanwhile, has announced the date on which he'll marry 24-year old Crystal Harris: June 18 at the Playboy Mansion.

"It will be intimate with a close number of friends here at the mansion," Hefner has said of the ceremony. "No big blowout affair. Something very personal."

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She looks preggie


Well, Congratulations to all in advance ! Another chapter of their lives.


Is this true love?No,definitely not.Play on babes.


Grammers marriage i give at the most 2 year. Never smart to rush into a new relationship. Hughs i give 5. Thats how much longer he prob has here on earth. Prenups fellas!


Holly seething??? You're kidding, right? That's funny.


These girls,are marrying their beaus just in time...to get their money lol. These guys might not last much longer...especially Hef


Somewhere Holly Madison is simply seething right now...

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