Bree Olson Parties with Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen may have kissed a non porn star this morning, but the actor isn't out of the adult movie game just yet.

Sources confirm to TMZ that Sheen hosted a wild party last night on a 100-foot yacht. He took guests out on Marina Del Rey and treated them to an at-sea screening of Jaws.

Among those included on the adventure? Bree Olson, one of the "actresses" who drank and drugged the night away with Sheen in Las Vegas last month and may have engaged in a threesome with him and Michelle McGree. Olson herself Tweeted the news.

True love, and STDs, are totally in the air...

Bree Olson Tweet

My friend hadn't seen star wars She was hot (and kinda dumb)(and a slut) And she too found it an amazing experience Hot dumb skanky girls go ape for old school movies! Experiment: Show girls sleepover "creature from the black lagoon" Expected result: Sore penis.


'Jaws' sounds like a bad porn stars name


'Jaws' sounds like a bad porn star name


@freespirit LOL! Imagine if she saw Avatar :-O


If watching a 30yr old movie for the first time is an "amazing experience" for this girl she needs to get out more......


Who the freak care!!

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