Yes, CBS is Concerned About Charlie Sheen

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To a celebrity gossip site, Charlie Sheen is comedic gold. Seriously, the guy has is unabashed in his affection for porn star booty.

But to a television network that cuts him a mammoth check every year? Not so much.

At a press conference with reporters today, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler made it clear she has a "high level of concern" over the actor and his behavior.

“This man is a father, he’s got children, so obviously there’s concern on a personal level," Tassler said. "But Charlie’s a professional, he comes to work, he does his job extremely well... It’s very complicated."

Reportedly, CBS executives were contemplating some kind of intervention this week, following Sheen's antics in Las Vegas, but the star's lawyer wouldn't allow it. Why not just fire the guy? Well, Tassler replies:

“How do you get fired for going to work and doing your job?”


Charlie is the poster child for Sexual Sublimation. CBS knows this and is literally 'banking' on it. Who wouldn't?


Charlie's the lucklest dudeEVER....


I think the writers of his show ought to have Charlie's character go to treatment and AA. Have intervention scenes etc. You could bring back former flames and everything. There's a wealth of potential hilarious episodes. He can still be a hound dog, but a sober one. Lots of ideas here.
If they have done it before have him return to program. It has to be difficult initially to try and stay sober paying a drunk. Charlie Sheen, get clean and sober! You're killing yourself and how long before an even bigger tragedy?


By now a lot of women have a pamphlet with Charlie Sheen's
qualifications in it. He is no worst than The Bachelor who gets a chance to choose and use 25 women on TV for all to see. The Bachelor use and discard women every week, and their lives are forever changed. By now most women know who Charlie is and what he is all about, which says just as much about the women who are attracted to him as it says about Charlie. I'm just saying!!


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