Val Kilmer Makes Like Wesley Snipes

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Val Kilmer is apparently not a fan of paying taxes.

Not that anyone is, but most of us still actually do it.

Val K

The actor owes nearly $500,000 in federal taxes, according to reports. A lien has been placed on his property, including a New Mexico ranch he's trying to sell.

The IRS filed the lien in Santa Fe for an assessment balance of $498,165 for 2008 income taxes. Val is currently asking $18.5 million for the property.

Wesley Snipes was recently sent to prison for tax evasion. Val Kilmer isn't headed down that road yet, but liens on one's property are a nice first step.

How hard is it to pay taxes, seriously. Don't studios withhold a portion of his income? It's not like he's broke. Dude's clearly eating well. Just saying.


What happened? He is just a year older than me, and OMG he was so hot and then poof! He's not a happy camper anymore....that's what divorce does for you, glad I'm not married, lol


$500k in taxes? Im surprised he earns that much...Hes a D-lister now.


Oh stop, you are all so ridiculosly young !!!


Waw mr blade i like you but!


Wow! He looks like he need to go to the gym and lose all that fat.
His face is freaking huge now! I hope that is his New's Year's Resolution for his sake.


OMG!!! What happened to him!? He blew up... I love watching 'willow' cuz he was pretty hot in it- now look at him!


WOW what happened to him!!?? Long ways away from the days of Top Gun huh Ice Man?? YIKES


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