Spotted at Dinner: Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal

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Jake Gyllenhaal has been linked to Jenny Lewis and Camille Belle over the last few days, but might the actor actually be returning to an old love?

Witnesses tell People that Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift - yes, that Taylor Swift! - dined at Nashville restaurant Bound'ry yesterday.

"They did eat," a fellow patron reports. "They were cordial to one another, but not affectionate."

A Cruel Rebound

Another onlooker says the former couple appeared talkative: "There was no holding hands, but they seemed happy together. They sat next to the fireplace just chatting away."

About what, we wonder...

Swift has been hanging out in her hometown all week. She's getting ready for a concert tomorrow night aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and then for the Asian leg of her latest tour, which kicks off in Singapore on February 9.


Lol, if Camilla Belle is after him also then I think she's intimidated by Taylor Swift and is out to get her.


I think they were cute together. :/ And y'know, she's just like most of the girls in the world: Looking for love. The only difference is that she's looking a little more fervently than the rest of us. And she writes her songs about personal life experiences; so of course she's going to write love/breakup songs. Just saying.


Who knows why they were together. I don't see the fascination with this guy, he's kind of nerdy looking. She seems to go thru guys like one goes thru underwear.


Maybe he thought they needed to talk after their break up... So they can remain friends.
And didn't your parents/guardians (whoever sadly raised you) if you cannot say anything nice, don't say anything at all.


So so so sory 4 taylor


I think she already finished writing her breakup song so now she needs to write the second chance song hahaha....slut!!!


Get over it taylor you mouse face, co-dependant skank!


yea they did he had a dates for th award the other night but she is so damn stupid and she is not finish writing songs about him thats why she is going back with him slut


Fuck off, shoes4world!


maybe they dint break up in the first place.just saying.

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