Singing Showdown: Worst of the Worst!

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Late last week, Kim Kardashian destroyed every eardrum in Las Vegas with the first rendition of her single "Tune It Up." It was seriously atrocious stuff.

But was it the worst song ever unleashed? That remains to be decided.

Kim has serious competition from an assortment of other reality stars who were convinced the public needed to do more than just watch them recite scripted lines on television. Below, starting with Kardashian's foray into the industry, we've compiled a quintet of truly awful tunes. Listen to each and then vote on the worst of the worst...

Who is responsible for the worst song of all-time?

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OMG Danielle! Ha ha ha lmaof! I jsut peed it was so frickin funny get a life! You suck! Go get a job at McDonalds because that's all you can do! Oh wait you actually can talk shit about people pretty well, maybe you should go back to highschool or did they ban you since you kidnapped someone and TORTURED them! Then when someone wants to get in your face you run and hide behind a wall like a baby! I don't care if you where abused I was to and that only made me stronger because I didn't want people screwing with me!


WTAF??? They all suck equally!!! There wasn't a voting slot for that.

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