Mother of Ted Williams Urges Son to Return to Rehab

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After years apart, Ted Williams was reunited with his 90-year old mother on national television last month. It was a sweet, albeit fleeting, moment of hope in the tale of this begger-turned-celebrity.

Sadly, in the days after Williams was thrust into the spotlight, he relapsed, got into an argument with his daughter, checked into rehab and then promptly exited the treatment facility against doctor's orders.

Ted Williams at Millions of Milkshakes

Julia Williams is now urging her son to return.

"I'm very sorry that he left, and I'm very upset," she tells People. "Certainly I want him to go back. He needs help."

Reportedly, Williams couldn't handle life at Origins Recovery Center due to the presence of cameras outside the facility and the over-reliance on medication inside of it. Julia thinks Ted has returned to California and has heard he's planning to record children's books.

She doesn't have hope that he'll remain clean: "I know he doesn't stick at things for long. Whatever it is, he soon tires of it. He thinks he can make it on his own, without rehab. And I'm sure he can't."


Was married to a crack head for years. That was the hardest thing I've ever done. Ted is not ready. He likes getting high and drinking. Its gonna be a while before he does anything to get sober. He doesn't mind sleeping on the ground. We should leave him alone and let him hit rock bottom then maybe he will get it together. That's if he wants to


Dear everyone who feels compelled to comment, YOU DO NOT KNOW THIS MAN. You saw him in an internet video and thought it was nifty and were compelled to root for him as a fellow human being. You do not know what he has been through, positive or negative, you do not know his relationships with his family members, you don't know his wishes, his thoughts, anything about him. Let the man live his life. Picking a guy off the street and plopping him in front of a camera is not a recipe for success, it's a recipe for disaster.


Ted is basically a very selfish person. In life he comes first and everyone else last including his poor mother. I am a recovering addict and alcoholic and I know from experience that you will only get better when you turn the self centeredness around and do what you must to get well for the sake of your loved ones. I put my family through hell for years because my getting high came first. When I realized how much I was hurting everyone around me I decided to put my selfish Tendencies behind me and manned up and did what I had to to stop using. Then and only then will Ted stop the BS and do why is right.


Ted Williams cannot control his own life or destiny, as he has a major addiction, and he needs his family (Mother) to take control of that destiny by forcing him to re-enter a rehabilitation facility. He cannot think for himself under his present circumstances. He is not only suffering from addiction, but mental instabilities. He couldn't even sit in a Dentists Office to get his teeth work on. He's very much in need of mental health evaluation, as well as chemical dependency issues. If someone doesn't force him to rehab, he's going to end up back on the street. It's plain and simple as that. It's called "Tough Love".

Wv peach

Leo makes a good point regarding Ted's mother; I'm sure
she feels enormous stress and pain due to her son's
addiction(s). I also think Dr. Phil exacerbated long festering
emotions by bringing in Ted's family.....were the ratings worth it Dr. Phil. I pray this man with the golden voice finds his way and recognizes his wonderful talent. We are cheering you on Ted!


Many of us were rooting for Ted Williams. Even after I realized that he had some real issues,I still rooted for him. After seeing him on Dr. Philgood with his family,I could see the anger and bitterness that awaited him in the reunion with his family. He was given a first class ticket to rehab,and he has now skipped out on that. Whatever direction that he decide to take with his life is his business.Hopefully Ted will choose a direction that will give his mother less worry,at her respected age Mrs. Williams need peace and a dose of quiet in her life not constant drama from her long lost wayward son!!


I think Al Battle is a baf influence on him, and that he needs to separate from him. Battle wants him for his money. If he was a true friend he would let him complete this treatment. Please listen to your mother you will not have this opprtunity again. IN and OUT no one will want to give you a chance. You have a problem you need to admit it. This is HELP you do not have to pay for it and no one elkse is going to give that opportunity again.


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