Jesse James' Insane Ex-Wife: The Mug Shot

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Janine Lindemulder, the ex-wife of Jesse James, has been released from jail in Austin, Texas. Her booking photo? One of our new favorite celebrity mug shots.

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    i think everybody needs to stay out of these peoples life jesse james and sandra's nobody has any right to judge anybody live ur lifes n let them live theirs enought is enought ok u r no better then them just pray for them even his exwife thats what u all need to do god bless u all pray for world peace and our troops that r at war love u all ur Friend In God


    Eww!!! This look is the result of drugs & alcohol, not porn (duh!). Sex doesn't turn your skin to leather, or compel you to satuarate your body in tattoos! Jesus, she has that total 'meth lab crackhead' look & seems toothless! and gray roots?!?!


    Sorry LOLO I'm not on board with your pity party. She's a porn star first and foremost! Fine, Jesse likes the sluts but to have kids was wrong cuz they are not a role model and now look at where they both are. Divorced, married and doing god knows what around the kids. Sandra and his first wife were the only normal people in there fucked up lives. Now lets throw Miss Kat von D. in the mix. I really hope they don't have kids either!


    I believe Jesse is a douche, but it's not his fault she lost custody. I remember watching a TLC special on Janine & Jesse when she was pregnant & the girls was nuts, she was violent & was arrested for throwing things & attacking him. This was while she was pregnant. Then after she doesn't pay her taxes which sent her to jail, she moves in an ex-con who was into distributing illegal guns. Don't see how any of this is Jesse's fault. She was a very pretty woman but her hard life is showing now on her face. What a shame. She was prettier than most models & celebrities but just went down the wrong path.


    WOW Krys~that was hilarious!! LMFAO
    I wish a lot of other females got the note to self...


    good god she's my age and looks 15 years older then me :( Wow! note to self.. never do porn..


    Wow- can you imagine this poor lil girl enduring teachers scrutiny after a PTA meeting with her, jesse james an his new fiancee kat von skeez???? OMG- poor kid! Non of them seem fit.


    And she should have custody WHY???


    It's not Jesse or Sandra's fault she is not seeing her daughter it's her own fault. She was/is unfit as a parent due to her drug issues. She's a nutcase from way back and having her daughter around to witness it would be awaful. If she wanted to have a relationship with her child that badly then instead of harassing her ex-husband she should have been cleaning up her act to prove to the court she is fit. Instead she continues to act like a crazy person. I'm sure she knows what she has to do,she chooses not to do it. No one else is to blame for that.


    I'd be going crazy too if I was not seeing my daughter... Doug, (Jesse's real name) should have been held in contempt of court long ago. He really severed the mother daughter ties... Sandra Bullock can go suck a banana as well, she is not innocent in this either.

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