Janine Lindemulder Arrested For Threatening, Harassing Jesse James

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Jesse James may have bigger problems than those Nazi pics. Janine Lindemulder, the most unhinged of his ex-wives, was arrested for harassing him.

Jesse and Janine share (and often spar over) a daughter, Sunny. She has served time in prison and has a history of being a real loose cannon.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

It was of little surprise, then, that Lindemulder was arrested outside Austin, Tex., this morning on a warrant for harassing Jesse over the phone.

Jesse James' porn star ex-wife has gone off the rails ... again.

Janine was popped by the Hays County Sheriff's Department who had three warrants issued for Janine after Jesse turned over threatening voicemails.

Jesse claims Janine Lindemulder places "chronic harassing telephone calls to his house all hours of the day and night," and has called up to 300 times.

Janine went ballistic over Jesse's decision to relocate to Texas, where his kids could remain close to Sandra Bullock, just after she got out of prison.

Jesse says the calls became "so harassing, abusive and bad," even by her standards, he had to turn over the worst messages to the Austin P.D.

Hope Kat Von D is aware of this guy's (crazy) baggage.


Jesse James is the coolest dude on the planet Sandra Bullock is a german bimbo f her

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Oh man, this is one skanky chick and how about that GUT she's sporting? These 2 deserve each other; they could also probably use a flea-dip. Yuck....


Oh nice gut that's so HOT!!


I think i would go crazy too if my ex was intentionally not allowing me to see my daughter as well. Jesse James, real name DOUG, is a scumball!! and Sandra helped with not making the real mother a part of Sunny's life.. both are scum.


it is scary the way these POS get the women in and the ladies get hooked on them. we all know she can do better. i hope she gets the help she needs as she has obviously become a little unhinged thru it all. it also highlights the way sandra maintained her dignity even tho it must have been killing her too. can't wait to read the book on that one...


She just looks hot end of!


Jesse is so scummy. And Janine has WAY more tattoos than the pic shown, I saw her mug shot from today. Sandra was WAY WAY WAY too good for him, THANK GOD she got away from that POS. Kat Von D, Janine, and Michelle Bombshell are the ugliest biotches alive with the tattoos all over. Looking forward to seeing pics of these scanks in 30 years when all the tatts blend together and it all looks like one messy blob. Everyone deserves what they got in this situation... Jesse porked a bunch of pigs behind Sandra's back, Bombshell got more publicity, Kat Von D now has "the most amazing fiance in the world" (just threw up in my mouth) she'll find out when he finds another scank to bang. After all, Kat Von D said they will beliving in two cities as a married couple...... ya, she has brains..... Kat Von D has the artistic ability, but CLEARLY the tattoo machine punched one-too-many holes in this braindead fuktard we call Kat Von D to EVEN THINK about marrying the world's biggest a$$hole!!


Jesse JERKS strikes again! What a messed up life he has gotten for himself. And Kat will soon be joining in on this lol. Thank God Sandra and Louis are out of his messed up life.

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