Jesse James & Kat Von D: Back/Still On!

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Proving that their relationship is still going strong, or is going strong again after their rumored breakup, Kat Von D Tweeted proof of her love for Jesse James.

See below. They appear to be locked in a passionate kiss.

Jesse James and Kat Von D started dating in August, after he finalized his divorce with Sandra Bullock, but hit some bumps in the road late last year.

Jesse and Kat Photo

Nice to see that tatted couple is back in full effect.

During their rumored split, Kat was rumored to have reconciled with ex Nikki Sixx, who briefly dated Denise Richards in recent weeks as well. It's a crazy world.

James has kept a low profile since his affair with Michelle McGee (who was recently linked to Charlie Sheen) blew the lid off his double life in March of last year.

It's all good now, though. They recently took a trip together to visit the mother of his daughter Sunny, Jamie Lindemulder. Sunny turned seven on New Year's Day.


I still like Kat as an artist she is the best but picked a real dusy on jessie. Nikki was the one. But Nikki will find someone better and complete and not so complicated. A cheetha never changes his spots. I think Nikki was to mature for to handle and really into his sobritey and she wants to have fun well go have fun with a looser but don't give him any money.


i hate both of them...especily jesse 4 cheating on sandra....he'l never get a woman like sandy...ryan is very lucky...


After the way he totally disgraced and humiliated Sandra in public with the skanks, then has the nerve to move to Texas and parade around with Kat, post on twitter (made the mistake of reading)on how much he loves Kat and has never felt so loved before on waiting for Karma to catch up with him. His rolling his truck and her house burning on the same night was nothing.


Gross I don't like either of them


La regalada y patetica Kat Von D es una mierda de mujer! La zorra hambrienta de publicidad pone una foto de ella con James para anunciar que todavia estan de amantes. Por favor! lo que KAT Von D necesita es una ducha vaginal con cloro y publique la foto. Y ojala que dejaran de publicar miserias humanas como lo son Kat(pussy v dick) y el hediendo James.


they are both Sandra Bullock


he is a pig. Who cares. Wish they would stop showing anything to do with him. Sandra is so much better without him and looks so much better with Ryan. I used to like jesse until his true self came out. Loser.

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