Edward Furlong: Arrested, Broke as a Joke

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Actor Edward Furlong was arrested yesterday for violating a domestic restraining order. Not only that, he's behind in child support ... and he's broke.

Ed told a judge this morning, "I'm out of money. I'm completely broke."

Furlong, 33, currently stars in the upcoming film The Green Hornet.

Edward Furlong Mug Shot

FOR LONG: Doesn't sound like Ed's troubles are going away soon.

A month behind in child support, Ed lamented that he has to pay 10 percent to his lawyer, 10 percent to his publicist and 10 percent to his manager.

Think about it. After that, he only has 70 percent of his earnings to blow on stuff other than his kid ... how the heck is he supposed to get by, man?

In his defense, sort of, Furlong says the judge never took this into account when ordering the child support his ex, Rachael Kneeland, requested.

She's requested that he up that sum and spousal support.

The judge didn't decide whether to modify the support agreement, so it remains as is for now. Things aren't looking so hot for Furlong in any case.

Furlong was taken into custody yesterday, after allegedly violating a restraining order by getting too close to Kneeland. Sounds like a fun situation.

Hey, at least he joined our celebrity mug shots gallery. That's got to count for something ... it's a pretty exclusive club. And an awesome one.

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I adore this guy to the moon and back. It breaks my heart to read about this monster he is becoming.....all I keep thinking about is his sweet little young face, years ago...so much hope and dreams to be lived. I pray that he gets on the straight and narrow...stat. I pray he pulls a Robert Downey Jr soon and gets back to the big screen he's so worhty of.


The hype happened to him... Its hard when ure life is crazy due to normal stress let alone never being recognised for ure modern work, struggling with drugs which are just handed to you, etc. we all think oh poor rich spoiled brat but thats not the case he was a common kid tossed into the lime light, and picked apart. Hopefully he gets his act together for himself and his kid but mabye sense we dont rely know whats truly going on cause the media only writes about the crap, we could just wish him the best and enjoy his movies.


If anything you guys...Pray for this kid to get his life in order, Please! Right now, he's Robert Downey Jr. -10yrs. ago. I'm just praying not to hear or see a news report about this kid's death by overdose or suicide one day. He's a talented and passionate person that I'd love to see "Back" and truly happy and healthy someday.


Poor guy, what happened to him? He did so well in Terminator, Pet semetary and American History X. So much potential, it's sad.