Did Jason Malachi Sing on Michael Jackson Album?

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Jason Malachi, a well-known Michael Jackson sound-alike, just "came clean" about singing on the star's posthumous album, which some MJ supporters have insisted features a vocalist other than the late King of Pop on at least some tracks.

But Malachi himself says he is the victim of fraudulent claims.

Here's the back story. In 2007, a song called "Mamacita" leaked, and was rumored to be an MJ song. It was actually Jason Malachi, a dead-ringer for MJ.

An MJJ Producion

Fast forward to this weekend, when Jason Malachi took to his Facebook page and made this astonishing claim: "Sheesh guys, I guess it's time to confess."

"I've lied to many people, including someone today, but ... It was me. It was me who sang 'Breaking News,' 'Keep Your Head Up,' 'Monster' and 'Stay.'"

"I had a agreement with the record company, but now the cat is out of the bag," he added. "Sorry to all my fans, and to my fellow Michael Jackson fans."

Jackson fans who insisted those "fake tracks" are not their idol likely felt vindicated by this - until Malachi's manager disavowed the Facebook page.

Thad Nauden says someone created a phony page in Jason's name, touting that he conspired to fool Sony, the Michael Jackson Estate and the public.

Nauden says Jason - a Deputy Sheriff in Maryland in addition to a singer - wants everyone to know beyond any doubt he did not sing those tracks.

Nauden threatened to get to the bottom of this hoax, claiming whoever created the Malachi Facebook page is malicious and had better lawyer up.

For whatever it's worth, here's "Breaking News" from Jackson's new album, along with one of Jason Malachi's own songs. Hear the resemblance?


Ive never heard of this malachi bloke til now!! Ive never doubted that the songs r all MJ. Comparing the 2 malachis voice sounds forced & nothing like MJs. Really hope sony are telling the truth. MJ 4eva




dont under estimate a company like sony they are all sharks and would sell out any one including michael


i hate malachi if he sang them...


Has anyone ever met this dude in person.. He supposedly has Vegas shows but no pics of it anywhere? He seems to be one of those non existent entities that has got everybody talking about him ...but he ain't really there.. Seriously- We are asking has anyonw from this Hollywood Gossop MET this character or his manager Thad Nauden? Please don't tell say that your only research has been facebook. Any links to his Vegas show on YT? anything??


I dont know or care who they are.Micaels not getting up and being like,''Stop Doing that it hurts''.I dont think so.People are wasting there time.Ive asked Jason Malachi personally who's vocals are on the track he said that just because MJ and him sound alike doesn't mean it's him.He said its not fair that people are trying to make him take credit for something he didnt do.All of his accounts on anything except MySpace I think are deleted.And I dont believe those musicologists are 100% BUT ITS WHAT EVER.


@Ayem-G Music WTF you don't know shit 2 of the best musicologists in the world said that it is Michael Jackson and 16 producers that worked with MJ said it is him but the professionals ran tests and the waves match 100% to Michael Jackson as lead vocals and some of you forget that James Porte mixed background vocals with MJ on the Cascio tracks which he was credited for look you info up before talking shit and one more thing @Ayem-G Music Best Of Joy was the last song MJ recorded finishing it in early June 2009 so STFU saying he didn't want to release it how the fuck you know that ?


Okay some of you people are as stupid as they come seriously the Cascio tracks were recorded in 2007 in a basement studio not even a real recording studio but a rookie one and you say it's not him well do you know more than a Musicologist ? No you don't and the professionals checked the songs with wave testing and it matched 100% to Michael Jackson for the lead vocals and some of you compare it to Behind The Mask and Much Too Soon which were recorded in the 80's and some idiot said that MJ never wanted to release Best Of Joy when he finished the song in 2009 before his death some of you idiots need to look up stuff before talking and YES it is MJ on all the songs


Michael's song are clear and his vibrato is not throughout the whole songs,In these 3 mentioned its like he sing the whole songs in vibrato.


I agree with Christina

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