Chris Brown on Court Hearing: Standard Procedure

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Chris Brown caused a bit of a stir late last week with a request to have the restraining order lifted against him. The order bars any contact with Rihanna.


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    He is a person in yhu dnt kno what happend that night so stop bein judgemental ! & he's clearing his name as if saying tellin the world he's not the same person ! && atleast he's not n denial and actually admitted to the fact that he did wrong. AND IF YHU ARE HUMAN THERE IS NO ROOM TO JUDGE ! #JUST SAYIN !


    Trust me, after the court thing, his name will be cleared. Once he finds love with another lady and treats her like a queen, and Rihanna has a baby by Matt Kemp or Drake whichever. They don't need to ever cross path, unless they have mutual friends, places, colleagues, or award ceremonies like this one. If he still has feeling for Riri or has some questions or whatever to get off his chest well, its understandable cos their relationship ended abruptly anyways.


    I was really commenting on that fact he cant do awards shows just becuz what happen 2yrs ago. I would never 4get that he beat riri. But is it fair that charlie sheen can beat women, do drugs, shoot and have a knife put to his exwife throat? So for a young man like chris b that who made one mistake, he cant be forgiving? He was only 19, not no 45 yr old boy like charlie. Charlie Sheen have history of a bad past. It crazy that when chris brown is trying to do right thing he get judge for it. But when charlie do wrong, people in the media always give him praise and wish him to get well. WTF!


    He did not ask this to clear his name, he asked this for future industy events which makes it hard for him to attend. Earlier last week, before his court date, Jive Records indicated that he would not be attending the grammys. The key word that trigger the grammys was when his lawyer indicated that it made it difficult for him to attend award shows and such. Bottom line, he is about to release a record and he wants to be able to attend any event he would like w/o the event holder worrying about the two of them breaking the stay away order. Plus the do not annoy order will still be in effect until the end of his probation 2014.


    He is allowed to "do the music" he is just not allowed to go near her. I don't get the comment about clearing his name tho. He beat her up, he is paying the price (small as it is) and even when all the court stuff is over his name will not be clear because he still did it. Most people say they want to clear their name when they are saying they are innocent of the charges against them. I just have no patience or sympathy for those who beat on others,male or female. He got of light compared to non famous abusers. Suck it up Chris.


    They need to let him do the music

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