Bret Michaels Heart Surgery: A Success!

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The heart of Bret Michaels is a busy organ.

Last month, it was officially stolen by long-time girlfriend Kristi Gibson, who agreed to marry the reality show champion/rocker.

New Family Man

Now, today, possibly at this very moment, Michael is undergoing surgery at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center to repair a literal hole in his heart. This is the same facility where Bret was treated for a brain hemorrhage in April.

“Bret is looking forward to feeling 100 percent again,” his rep says.

We sure hope so! Send in your best wishes for a speedy recovery to this legend today!

UPDATE: It went well!

"Bret Michaels underwent a successful heart procedure today at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix," Bret's rep says, adding that his client "is currently recuperating at St. Joseph's where he remains for observation in ICU."


my prayers and thoughts are with you for a healthy recovery. Enjoy time with your beautiful family while you are recovering....don't rush into things; you need to take the time and heal.....also.for you and your family. We love you Bret!!!!


Good job dude! The worst is behind you now, you have survived a hell of a year with the best and worst together but all the pain is behind you now! Prayers are with you and your family for a speedy recovery! Now focus ahead to being 100% for your kids and for getting to that alter (no better way to prove Kristi will mean for better for worse, although I think you know that already) Keep recovering, keep working hard on your health and REST UP!! I am a workaholic so I know it can be tough-- but it is super important! Good luck to your entire family and have an awesome time getting married, taking a honeymoon, and having more energy be to great to your daughters no one deserves good health and a speedy recovery more than you do! Keep on keepin' on I am so proud of how much of a fighter you are! :)


I love the 1st paragraph... soooo sweet!!! Bret please stay strong. You survived a Brain hemorrhage and open heart surgery!! You can do it all!! Rest up get well and remember that you have your amazing fiancée and 2 daughters waiting for you when you get home!! I am soooo proud of you for your fight with all of this. The end of the pain is in sight and you will feel better soon.


You are in my prayers. I had open heart when I was 24 to repair a torn valve. I know what it's like. Very, Very hard and painful. Was told prior I may not be able to have children. Now am a mother of two beautiful girls at age 40. What a miracle from the Big Man above.!!! God Bless you. You can do this!!!


Thoughts and prayers are with you as you recover from heart
surgery. We are soulmates..........I had a brain aneryism in
2007, intensive care for 19 days, and luckily survived. You
need to take it easier for at least a year. From one survivor
to another, I wear your T shirt with pride. Yvonne O'Brien Rose
Weatherford, Tx.




Brett i hope you get better soon from heart surgery and can enjoy your life to the fullest with your family::


Bret, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you have your surgery. May you have a fast recovery!! Get lots of Rest!!! Love ya : )


Bret you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you get back to 100% fast. And dont push it!!! Give yourself time to heal. I heard you might be touring with Motley Crue this year...CANNOT WAIT!!!!


Bret & Kristi,

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