Brandi Favre Mug Shot, Arrest Details: Released

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Hey, at least she didn't text unwanted photos of her vagina to a fellow employee...

Brandi Favre, the sister of a certain future Hall of Famer/shady pervert, was arrested yesterday in Mississippi when police raided a condominium that contained a meth lab. Cops have now released the mug shot of this 34-year old:

Brandi Favre Mug Shot

Explained authorities to WLOX: "We discovered the full lab in the bathroom; it was still cooking. I think we collected pretty close to ten grams of finished product... that's a lot of meth."

Brandi was one of five people arrested and charged with manufacturing meth, possession of a controlled substance, transferring a controlled substance and generation of hazardous waste.

Let's just pray her brother doesn't come out of retirement in order to help pay her legal bills.

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